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Q1 Parallel development and fast prototyping are two techniques that are used to:

generate new product ideas quickly.
conduct business analysis.
speed up the new product “time to market”.
coordinate production and marketing.
coordinate R & D and financial processes.
Q2 Crest’s Night Effects Whitening System (where the consumer places a whitening gel on his/her teeth overnight for 14 days, resulting in much whiter teeth than mere brushing will provide) was introduced by Procter & Gamble as a/an__________ of Crest toothpaste.

category extension
line extension
continuous innovation
extension of brand equity
dynamically continuous innovation
Q3 Kroger required that Birdseye pay $15,000 to get its new frozen stir-fry vegetable mix placed in the freezers of Kroger supermarkets. This payment is called a _____ by Kroger.

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retail goodwill fee
product support fee
product development fee
slotting fee

Gudwriter Essay Writing