Parallel development and fast prototyping are two techniques

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1. Parallel development and fast prototyping are two techniques that are used to:

generate new product ideas quickly.
conduct business analysis.
speed up the new product “time to market”.
coordinate production and marketing.
coordinate R & D and financial processes.

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Answer: speed up the new product “time to market”.

2. Crest’s Night Effects Whitening System (where the consumer places a whitening gel on his/her teeth overnight for 14 days, resulting in much whiter teeth than mere brushing will provide) was introduced by Procter & Gamble as a/an__________ of Crest toothpaste.

category extension
line extension
continuous innovation
extension of brand equity
dynamically continuous innovation


3. Kroger required that Birdseye pay $15,000 to get its new frozen stir-fry vegetable mix placed in the freezers of Kroger supermarkets. This payment is called a _____ by Kroger.

retail goodwill fee
product support fee
product development fee
slotting fee

Answer: slotting fee

4. Brandon, a salesperson at the GAP, convinces Cori to buy a certain style of shirt by telling her that it would make her feel more intelligent. Brandon was able to convince Cori that the shirt offered _____

A. a tangible benefit

B. a product feature

C. a reasonable price

D. brand equity

E. an intangible benefit

Answer: an intangible benefit

5. Post is a major manufacturer of ready-to-eat cereals. Post Oreo cereal contains chocolate cereal pieces that look and taste a lot like Nabisco’s Oreo cookies. The “Post Oreo” brand name is an example of

A. generic branding.

B. mixed branding.

C. manufacturer branding.

D. multi product branding.

E. co-branding

Answer: co-branding

6. As you know, Barbie has broken up with her long term squeeze, Ken. She’s decided she wants to get involved in some projects to keep her mind off heart-broken Ken. So Barbie decided to create a clothing line, snack foods, hair products, and new aerobics equipment. All of these products will be manufactured in Barbie’s very own pink factory and will be sold with the Barbie brand on them. This type of branding is best described as

A. Family branding

B. National branding

C. Multiple branding

D. Private branding

E. Licensing

Answer: Family branding

7. “Product class” refers to the entire product category or industry, while “product form” refers to:

A. similarities within the category.

B. variations from socioeconomic norms.

C. the type of package.

D. variations within the class.

E. a distinctive shape

Answers: variations within the class.

8. Georgia-Pacific reduced the content of its Brawny paper towel six-roll pack by 20 percent without lowering the price. Georgia-Pacific used

A. bottom-up marketing.

B. top-down marketing.

C. downsizing.

D. trading up.

E. game-playing

Answer: downsizing.

9. Super Suds Body Wash is trying to extend its product life cycle through market development. In order to successfully do this, Super Suds should implement which one of the following strategies?

A. Start printing Super Suds packaging in Spanish so it can be exported to Mexico.

B. Cut the price of Super Suds to encourage consumers to buy it more often.

C. Offer a 2 for 1 coupon in order to maintain the current customer base.

D. Start a new ad campaign.

E. Modify Super Suds’ formula so it is a superior body wash

Answer: Start printing Super Suds packaging in Spanish so it can be exported to Mexico.

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