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Analyzing How Police Brutality got to the Point of Black Lives Matter?

A countrywide mayhem rose after Trayvon Martin’s homicide, which led to the Black Lives Matter movement, championed by Opal Tometi, Garza, and Patrisse.The upheaval begun as result of pressure from social media hash tag, turning up to be one of the American social media protest against police brutality, particularly towards the black Americans. The recent George Floyd’s execution showing that in spite of all the hard work done by the activists and police radicals, police brutality continues to worsen the pressure of Black Lives Matter. The movement is turning to be a cry in light of evidence that the injustice system is avoiding to support this truth. The paper’s thesis states that injustices system and unmindful towards racism are the proof why police brutality emerged into the movement.

The truth of the matter is before any injustice reaches the courts, there are few parties who may end up involved in corrupt practices. For instance in our case the policeman, lawyers, and prosecutors play a vital role in determining the weight of the case. In fact after the final verdict jail system is anticipated to come up with better ways to implement the decision (Egharevba, 2017). Outrageously corruption and injustice might arise even in the last stage. Investigation has shown that the interconnection between these institutions represents corruption within the justice system in the manner that one or several elements that comprise the system get involved in unlawful actions.

Researcher shows that even though the early movements addressed most of the social and political issues affecting the black people, they failed to directly address the racial menace that African Americans endured, and continue to suffer under police brutality. Remarkably, when Tef Poe a renowned rapper, was questioned on why the movement was important to the black Americans, he said that “One of the negligent areas of the civil rights movement is that we did not move the moral compass of racism to the right direction” (Bill Campbell; Jason Rodriguez, 2015). Conversely studies account that racism causes police to use excessive force when dealing with a black individual.

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 After the Ferguson police shot Brown, the father went into the streets with a video showing his unarmed child facing harassment from the officer. Despite Brown showing no reasonable harm to the police, he ended upshot. After the incident, the likes of Poe, McKesson, and other individuals knew that they had to come up with a solution. Hence, they went into the streets, transformed into activists, who were not only concerned with civil rights but also black humanity.

Additionally, assault and victimization of black women by police, particularly the transgender, transpired feminists like Garza and Opal to raise the Black Lives Matter issue. For a long time, the movement focused on the black man’s experience when addressing police brutality. However, women of color like Tanisha Anderson, Rekia Boyd, Shelly Frey, and others were sexually assaulted and killed by police. Like men, the police targeted the women using racial profiling, mandatory stops, and killings (Ruth, 2016). Hence, the movement’s activists have not only focused on highlighting the effects that such victimization has on black women, but articulated why the change is inclusive to the society.

Most states invest in implicit bias training, policing, installing more colored police officers, to reduce police violence. However, study observes that such provisions rarely enhance the worth of black lives. At one time, citizens believed that such consensus would uphold black humanity, but the number of black deaths proves otherwise. Racism is so grounded in the American culture, that even when an officer takes up the implicit bias program, his inbuilt mentality that, black men are inferior, makes him treat the individual without any sensitivity.

Every black recognize Opal for raising alarm that led to the movement’s campaign on Safety beyond Policing (Egharevba, 2017). This happened after the New York State announced to invest is assets on providing more police officers. Opal emphasized, “How are these people going to unleash even more officers in our communities when we see that enough?”.Since the policing would be executed in black society, then it meant more brutalities. This explains how the movement arose as a strategy to reduce police power by eliminating police-union contracts that protected unfair officers.

Small salaries, inadequate guidance, lack of positive reception and rewards are the major catalyst of corruption. In police force and justice system, bribery is the most common form of corruption. On the other hand false prosecution and presentation of false testimonials in front of judges are termed as the leading cause of police brutality (Egharevba, 2017). In case of police brutality the court in the courts, lack of transparency contributes immensely to the violation of human rights.

In conclusion, police brutality, enhanced by racial disparities, because considerable amounts of black deaths. As a result, movements like the Black Lives Matter activism exist to highlight its effects and enhance campaigns that promote black humanity. All this said and done every life count, despite its race, gender, sexual orientation, or social class.


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