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Sample National Honor Society Essay

It is a privilege and an honor for me to be considered as a candidate for the National Honor Society. I feel greatly pleased for having been selected among other candidates by my teachers and leaders. The fact that I have been considered for this selection serves as evidence of my zeal and dedication to help others. I believe that I am among the best candidates for selection to NHS as I possess valuable qualities that conform to the mission and vision of this esteemed organization.

My dedication to studies is exceptional. I desire to become a professor in my field of specialization and I am well aware that this can only be achieved through hard work. Becoming a member of NHS will give me the chance to focus on my educational goals and as well assume a leadership position that will enable me to mentor other young people. My selection to this organization will also help me serve as role model for others. One of the pillars of NHS is scholarship, which requires students to show commitment to their studies. My performance in the lower grades is a proof that my dedication towards the pursuit of knowledge is unquestionable. It is enough proof that I always give my best when it comes to pursuing set goals.

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I believe in being a role model for other people, and since my childhood, I have learned that the best way to mentor others is by being their leader. When other people can see your commitment and discipline towards a particular undertaking, they tend to assume similar life values. Apart from focusing on my academic performance, I have always engaged in a variety of other activities and led my peers in several competitions, where we have always emerged victorious. In the same breadth, I have always been an active member of the school’s sports team as its captain. Serving as the team’s captain has given me a chance to further enrich my leadership skills. My leadership skills are celebrated by both my school teachers and other students. I engage in activities such as arranging for drama shows and class trips in collaboration with teachers and other students. Being a leader enables me to promote teamwork among students, an approach that has helped many realize their anticipated academic goals.

My essential life principle is humility. My position as a leader in most of the school activities gives me a chance to interact with lots of students. I believe in humbling myself as this is the only way I can be able to learn from others. Self-discipline is also one of the values that drive me each day as I engage in my daily activities. Through it, I am able to avoid engagements that could land me in trouble with the school authorities, or affect my academic performance negatively. As a leader and role model, other students can emulate my personality, and this has helped many remain focused on their studies. My interaction with teachers and other seniors has helped me gather crucial knowledge and leadership skills that enable me to serve as a peer advisor to other students.

The critical obligation of NHS is to shape and train students to become useful members of society. I believe that the qualities I possess are enough to help grow me into a valuable member of the community. There are many difficulties that members of the organization go through each day, and as a young person, I feel that I have a responsibility to help where I can. My ability to help other students in their day to day activities is proof that I am in a position to be of service to the community.

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