School Counseling Program: Counselors and Administrators

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Question: A description of the importance of school counselors and administrators working as a team in the development of annual agreements and the counselor’s use of time. Explain how you might integrate the beliefs, philosophy, and mission statements you developed in Week 4 into an annual agreement for your school counseling program and your role as the school counselor. Finally, identify one skill that you might need to develop or improve to collaborate effectively with administrators in the development of annual agreements. Explain your rationale. Draw upon and cite the two articles from the resources to support your post, adding additional articles from the current literature if you choose.


In the school counseling program it is imperative that the school counselors and administrators undertake their activities in coordination with each other or as one team in the development of annual agreements and the counselor’s use of time. A proper implementation ensures that school counselors have the ability to manage their time properly so that the all the students in the school get included in the school counseling program (American School Counselor Association, 2012). The administrators should ensure that each school counselors has a properly supervised management agreement that operates on a timed schedule. The management agreement needs to reflect the amount of time each counselor spends when performing the respective duties such as the counseling lessons to other students. Also, the system should show the specific tasks assigned to each counselor and the required amount of time to complete those tasks.

The beliefs, philosophy and mission statements of the school counseling program revolve around the school counselor education programs, the school administrators and finally the school counselors. The school counselor education programs create structural benchmarks to oversee the proper development of comprehensive school programs while the school administrators help to recruit able and capable school counselors. The school counselors develop a development plan for assessment as well as engage in self-assessment. In developing my school’s annual agreement for the school counseling program, I would incorporate and integrate the beliefs, philosophy, and mission statements. The mission statements that advocates for focused student outcomes, student competencies as well as identification of professional competencies (American School Counselor Association, 2012) would be integral in my developmental plan.

The mission has a focus on personal or social development, career development, and academic development. I would strongly adhere to this mission statement when developing my school’s annual agreement so as to maintain the objectivity of the counseling program. The beliefs and philosophy of the national model get in line with the need to develop the program, implement the program and evaluate the program. The beliefs and philosophy needs the voluntary consensus from all persons involved in the program in the form of “we agree” statements. In developing my school’s annual agreement for the counseling program, I would ensure the personnel participating in the program completely give their consent and join the program out of passion. The incorporation of individuals who do not have a passion for the program or who do not believe in the philosophy would result in people who do not display dedication during the program.

Finally, the administrator’s perception of counseling is in a different context of the high school counselor’s role and, therefore, the need for improvement or collaboration with the administrators in the counseling program arises. The most significant perception of the administrators is that high school counselors have a big part to play in the delivery of guidance lessons in the curriculum, but that must be in collaboration with their teachers (Dodson, 2009). I would use the skill of listening and flexibility to ensure collaborative efforts with the administrators in pursuance of the objectives of the counseling program. The rationale for this is that the administrators need school counselors to adhere to certain schedules and as such flexibility would be essential. Also, proper listening skills would prove vital in taking instructions from the administrators.


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