SU NSG4028 Week 1 Quiz Latest 2019 August

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Question 1 A number of hospitals train or orient recently hired staff by having the new staff member work closely with an experienced staff member who serves as a role model for practicing desirable nursing skills. Which learning theory is being used in this scenario?

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Question 1 options:




social learning

Question 2 Which of the following is not a perspective within cognitive theory?

Question 2 options:

Systematic desensitization

Social constructivism



The primary role of nurse educators is to:

Question 3 options:

prepare a competent nursing force

improve patient outcomes and decrease hospital readmission

provide optimum patient education

ensure quality nursing care

Question 4 Which learning theory represents a combination of behaviorist and cognitive principles of learning?

Question 4 options:




Social learning

Question 5 Which two theories emphasize that learners are keenly motivated to seek pleasure and rewards?

Question 5 options:

Behaviorist and cognitive

Cognitive and psychodynamic

Gestalt and social learning

Psychodynamic and behaviourist

Question 6 The major contribution of QSEN is to develop

Question 6 options:

competencies related to patient education and safety

an educational program for undergraduate nursing students

staff development guidelines for patient safety

programs to change the attitudes of nurses related to patient education

Question 7 What is the single most important goal of the nurse as educator?

Question 7 options:

To prepare the client for self-care management

To determine the trends in the delivery of high-quality care

To understand the forces affecting nurses’ responsibilities in practice

To maintain the client’s sense of value and self-worth

Question 8 When comparing nursing process and education process, the education process focuses on:

Question 8 options:

the physical and psychosocial needs of patients

changing knowledge, skills, attitudes and values

quality outcomes

meeting patient needs

Question 9 With which learning theory individuals to be motivated, individuals need to be in a state of deprivation; there needs to be something that they want. Thus, giving children everything they want when they want it may undermine their motivation to perform

Question 9 options:





Question 10 Which learning theory is described by the idea to change behavior, change a person’s perceptions and thoughts?

Question 10 options:





Question 11 Which one of the following organizations has not developed standards for nursing proactive, including nursing education:

Question 11 options:

American Nurses Association

National League for Nursing

Institute of Medicine

American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Question 12 The foremost challenge for nurses is to demonstrate:

Question 12 options:

a definite link between education and positive behavioral outcomes in the learner

competence in their teaching sills

accurately documenting teaching to meet accreditation standards

the ability to create a positive learning environment

Question 13 Barriers to teaching can be best described as factors that

Question 13 options:

negatively impact on the learner’s efforts to establish a mutual partnership with the nurse educator.

interfere with the learner’s ability to attend to and process information.

impede the nurse’s ability to deliver educational services to the learner.

limit the nurse’s focus to conducting only formal, intended teaching and learning encounters.

Question 14 Deliberate interventions that involve sharing information and experiences to meet learner outcomes are known as:

Question 14 options:

the education process


information processing


Question 15 Using the behaviorist learning theory, which one of the following is an example of providing negative reinforcement?

Question 15 options:

giving a child a coloring book after the childe demonstrated independent use of an inhaler

providing two movie tickets to a nurse when he worked an extra shift

a college student is scheduled for a test in class, but because she is not prepared, she emails the instructor and tells her she is sick.

Question 16 Which statement best describes the contribution of educational psychology to nursing practice? Educational psychology

Question 16 options:

tests theories to determine the most appropriate learning theory for each individual.

identifies precisely how individuals learn and under which conditions learning takes place.

provides diverse theoretical perspectives and alternative explanations that can be tested about how individuals learn and change.

provides philosophical discussions, debates, and opinions about the best way to teach.

Question 17 Which are two ways to decrease a behavior or response?

Question 17 options:

Avoidance conditioning and escape conditioning

Punishment and nonreinforcement

Positive reinforcement and punishment

Punishment and escape conditioning

Question 18 Which learning theory is described by the idea to change behavior, change a person’s subjective feelings about the self.

Question 18 options





Question 19 Which best describes the term education process?

Question 19 options:

A purposeful activity with a definite planned goal to be achieved in a specified period of time

A plan and an implementation of instructional activities and experiences to meet intended learner outcomes

A special form of communication that encompasses knowledge about a particular subject to produce learning

A systematic, sustained effort of influencing learner behavior to produce internal changes in knowledge, attitudes, and skills

Question 20 Which step is not included in the education process?

Question 20 options:

Modifying learner behavior through counseling and psychotherapy

Conducting an assessment of client needs, readiness to learn, and learning styles

Developing a teaching plan based on mutually predetermined outcomes as objectives

Choosing methods and tools to convey information in a manner that the learner can understand

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