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Question 1Ancestral Pueblo architecture of tribes in the Southwest established

methods for the conservation and management of water

a railroad system that is still in place today

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the cultivation of native vegetation originally brought from Northern California

over 700 burial centers for use during annual ceremonies

Question 2 These three cultures from the Southwest United States contributed to the establishment of permanent architecture through mesa villages and pit houses:

Tillamook, Quinault and Chinook

Mogollan, Hohokam and Ancestral Pueblo

Nez Perce, Yakima and Arctic Inuit

Aleuts, Cahokia and Tikal

Question 3 The alcove dwellings at Mesa Verde were located beneath a great mesa for

the enjoyment of the beautiful view of the landscape

its proximity to irrigation for food cultivation

protection from wind, weather and potential attackers

the extensive copper and calcite mining opportunities within the cave

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