75 History Essay Topics To Investigate

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You do not know where you are going if you cannot tell where you came from. There is a history behind everything today; economy, technology, law, medicine, education, military, architecture, and anything else you might think of. Writing essay topic history is enjoyable and intriguing.

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How do you write a history essay?

History essays are used by institutions to test the students’ analytical, planning, research, and writing skills. They are also used to gauge their abilities on historical understanding and interpretation. The first step towards a successful history essay is studying the question. Before doing anything else, understand what the research question wants you to do or focus on.  

Create a plan on how you will approach the topic by coming up with ideas and organize them. This will guide you in the next step, which is research. Once you have all the facts you need for your paper, the next step would be to develop a contention, which is the main idea of your essay.

With a contention, you can now jump into the universal structure of an essay. It should have a compelling introduction: this is where you address the topic or question and introduce your contention. The body should have fully formed paragraphs that discuss and explain the essay topic thoroughly. Then you should have a powerful conclusion where you must not forget to reiterate the contention. Close off your essay with a polished conclusion.  

History dwells on events that happened. It cannot be made up. That is why it requires solid research. Missing the facts destroys the credibility of a historical essay and comes out as biased. It is prudent to get all sides to a story before putting it on paper. If you are caught up with the deadline, seek history homework help from a reputable history assignment help service. Gudwriter is one of the trusted services with a pool of educated history helpers available 24/7 to take care of your requests.

Suggested topics for a history essay

  1. A Study on the Events Historical Marker on Racism in Washington
  2. A History of Jamestown
  3. The Historian Studies of the Tet Offensive
  4. Why All Men are Not Created Equal
  5. Eliminating Racism in America in the Literature and Movement of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  6. A Short History of Women’s Rights Activism in the U.S.
  7. An Evaluation of the Popularity and Reputation of Staten Island in Introduction: An Erringly Perfect Landscape and Addicted to Staten Island
  8. A Comparison of Slavery in Africa and Slavery in the New World
  9. The Propositions of the Charter to Sir Walter Raleigh Regarding English Colonization
  10. A History of Child Abuse and Nursing
  11. The History of the Assyrian Empire and the Assyrians
  12. Roman Attributes in Percy Bysshe Shelley’s To Sidmouth and Castlereagh
  13. A Biography of the Life and Times of Jack Roosevelt Robinson
  14. Malcolm X and His Contributions to African-American Struggles
  15. The Confederate Flag History
  16. The Slave Ship: A Human History
  17. How New Technology Changed Society
  18. Volleyball: The History Behind The Sport
  19. Technology ending Isolation in the United States
  20. How as modern technology affect my job, now and in the future?
  21. History of Women in Science
  22. History of Management Thought – Psychology and Motivation
  23. History of Photography – At The Edge of Illusion
  24. Discuss Homer’s view of the superiority of science, technology, and civilization in the Cyclops episode.
  25. History Of Motion Pictures
  26. History of interior design
  27. How science and technology have transformed our daily lives. Using Steven Johnson, How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World
  28. European History since 1648
  29. History of Country Music
  30. 21st Century Globalization, Good for the World
  31. Discuss the role of social media’s influence (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) in activism and revolution on the world stage.
  32. History of Economic Thought- Outline
  33. Trade History: General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and World Trade Organization (WTO)
  34. The evolution of US capitalism in the period after World War II
  35. What are the individual, structural and cultural motivations for political violence and the aspects of social revolution during the post-World War 2?
  36. History of Modern China: From the Opium Wars to Japanese Aggression
  37. How does the Gunpowder Revolution contradict and validate the ideas of the Enlightenment and how Europe viewed the World (including Africa, Americas, and Asia) during the period 1500-1850
  38. Heroes of the Classical Western World
  39. The history of WW2 and their aftermath (The cold war)
  40. How Art Made the World: The Day Pictures Were Born
  41. National Security and the future of America’s position in the world.
  42. Three Events that Shaped Our World
  43. Twentieth-Century World
  44. Modern American History from the Cold War to the Present
  45. World Bank PovertyNet: Understanding Poverty
  46. History of the American Indians
  47. Russian history: Stalin
  48. External Historical causes of poverty in the Arab world
  49. The Most Matters Facing the World Trade Organization
  50. The Singer Solution to World Poverty
  51. A Brief Economic History and Government Policy of Korea
  52. The History of the Public and Intellectual Concern with Economic Growth
  53. An Introduction to the History of Al Gore’s Economic Plan and How It Would Benefit Mexico
  54. The Worst Economic Downfall in the History of the United States of America
  55. An Introduction to the History of Economic Revolution in Europe
  56. A History of Economic Progress in America
  57. A History of the Economic Growth and Prosperity of America Before and After World War I
  58. An Economic History of Property Rights and the Coarse Theorem
  59. An Introduction to the History of the United States’ Economic Depression
  60. An Introduction to the History of the Twenties and Economic Prosperity and Hope for North America
  61. A Brief Economic History and Government Policy
  62. A History of the Economic Problems of the English Rulers Since King James
  63. History of the Great Depression as the Worst Economic Slump in the U.S. History
  64. The Reasons Why Karl Marx Is the Most Controversial Economic in History
  65. A History of the Economic Relationship Between China and Africa
  66. An Introduction to the History of Economic Reforms of Warsaw Pact Countries After the Fall of Communism
  67. Inspiring Black History Month Activities for Students
  68. A History of Economic and Politics in the American Progressive Era
  69. The History of the Mexican American Ethnic Group and Their Socioeconomic Issues
  70. An Introduction to the History of Socially, Economically and Politically Unstable Germany
  71. Political, Economic and Social History of Latin America in Eduardo Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America
  72. An Overview of the Social, Political and Economic Effects of World War One in the History of Europe
  73. A History of Social and Economic Reforms in the Republic of Ireland
  74. An Analysis of the History, Economic Effects and the Philippine Government’s Response of the United States Military Bases in the Philippines
  75. A History of the Economic Depression in the United States

Read a sample racial profiling research paper that tries to establish whether racial profiling is indeed a law enforcement tool or an act of racism.

How to choose a topic for a history essay

The most significant factor in picking essay topic history would be the resources at hand. Time and access to research tools are crucial in unearthing facts that are long buried under folk tales, myths, and sometimes literally in the ground.

• Choose an unexplored topic- This would be looking at some events that have gone unnoticed by historians. This would need the highest access to the right resources. Check out this free essay title generator and unlock your creativity with titles.

• Expand on a subject- This involves adding to the body of knowledge on known history e.g., World War II • Expert subject – This is where you narrow down in an obscure topic e.g., Ethnic migrations in the Congo.


Writing a history essay enlightens and gives a new perspective to what you already know. You need solid research skills and the persistence to pursue obscure facts. Getting accurate details is the best justice you can offer to what is in the past. Before submitting your essay, proofread it to ensure that it has no grammatical errors and plagiarism: a plagiarism checker will come in handy.

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