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Question 1. A virus that infects an executable program file is known as?

Question 2.How many different Microsoft Windows file types can be infected with a virus?

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Question 3.What type of malware consists of a set of software tools used by an attacker to hide the actions or presence of other types of malicious software, such as Trojans, viruses, or worms?

Question 4.Computer code that is typically added to a legitimate program but lies dormant until it is triggered by a specific logical event is known as a?

Question 5. What type of undocumented yet benign hidden feature launches after a special set of commands, key combinations, or mouse clicks, and was no longer included in Microsoft software after the start of their Trustworthy Computing initiative?

Question 6. What kind of software program delivers advertising content in a manner that is unexpected and unwanted by the user, and is typically included in malware?

Question 7. Which of the following is not one of the four methods for classifying the various types of malware?

Question 8. What type of attack is targeted against a smaller group of specific individuals, such as the major executives working for a manufacturing company?

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