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The monthly sales for Yazici Batteries, Inc., were as follows:

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Sales 20 20 16 12 15 15 16 17 22 22 20 23

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??a) The forecast for the next? month? (Jan) using the naive? method? =_______ sales? ?(round your response to a? whole? number).

The forecast for the next? period? (Jan) using? a? 3-month moving average? approach? = ______sales? ?(round two? decimal? places).

The forecast for the next? period? (Jan) using? a? 6-month weighted average with weights of? 0.10?, 0.10?,? 0.10?, 0.20?,? 0.20?, and? 0.30?, where the heaviest weights are applied to the most recent? month? =______sales? ?(round to one? decimal? place).

Using exponential smoothing with? ? ?= 0.40 and a September forecast of? 20.00?, the forecast for the next?period? (Jan)? =_____ sales? ?(round two? decimal? places).

Using a method of? trend? projection, the forecast for the next? month? (Jan)? =_____sales? ?(round two? decimal? places).

?b) The method that can be used for making a forecast for the month of March? is:

Aexponential smoothing

Ba? 3-month moving average

Ca trend projection

Dthe naive method

Ea? 6-month weighted moving average

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