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Before understanding the qualities of a good bankruptcy attorney, you have to understand the meaning of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy refers to the lawful status of an entity or a person who can’t repay debts to creditors. In several jurisdictions, a court order is needed to impose bankruptcy, and the debtors initiate this process. Debtors file a petition to start this process on behalf of creditors. The assets of a debtor are evaluated and measured, and these are used to repay a portion of an unsettled debt. The process needs a reliable bankruptcy lawyer, such as Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy can be an excellent opportunity for business or individuals to start fresh because unpaid debts are forgiven. The creditors may get some repayment based on assets of firms or individuals for liquidation. In short, bankruptcy is beneficial for the overall economy because a business or bankrupt person can get a second chance to access consumer credit and repay the debt to creditors. After successful completion of insolvency proceedings, the debtor will be able to get rid of the debt responsibilities incurred before filing for insolvency.

Do you need a bankruptcy lawyer?

Here are some signs to know whether you need a commercial or consumer bankruptcy lawyer:

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  • Unable to make payment of bills
  • Bounced checks
  • Consistent calls from debt collectors and creditors
  • Unsure of approaching pile up debt
  • Bounced checks
  • Zero cash flow
  • Need an expert representation in court

Each year, thousands of folks file a chapter 7 (straight bankruptcy) or a chapter 13 (repayment plan case). They prefer to work with a bankruptcy attorney to get all due benefits. A qualified attorney can save you from pitfalls and legal complications. Some people wonder whether they really need a bankruptcy lawyer.

They think that they are so broken and suffering financial difficulties then how can they hire a bankruptcy lawyer. Several people wait until they have to break their piggy bank to call their lawyers, but a lawyer can save you from several troubles. If you want to file a bankruptcy, consult a lawyer at the start of this procedure. To file your bankruptcy without a lawyer, you must have complete documents of your assets.

A bankruptcy attorney can serve as your advocate and guide you through this complicated procedure. Take your time in searching for a reliable Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney. While hiring an attorney to file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 insolvency cases, seek for a fair price, expertise and a comfortable communication style.

Ideas to Find the Right Bankruptcy Attorney

Many online directories promise to assist with find bankruptcy lawyers in your jurisdiction. You have to be aware of the results because they may exchange a list for a fee without a promise of quality. Use discriminating eyes to available listings. Feel free to start with two reliable sources.

  • ABA: American Bar Association
  • NACBA: (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys)

The ABA has lists of firms and lawyers that meet the standards for an attorney referral, and you may scrutinize the results for lawyers specialized in bankruptcy. You may check the bar association of your state for native resources.

The lists in NACBA directory have exclusive bankruptcy attorney. The company is dedicated to assisting consumers searching attorneys and bankruptcy who have similar specialization. Membership criteria for NACBA are relatively generous, so membership may not discriminate experience or quality.

Along with these directories, you can contact your colleagues and friends and ask for recommendations. Contact some lawyers with good experience and qualifications and arrange a meeting with them individually. A few attorneys offer free sessions, but others may charge almost $35 for an initial conference.

You can’t ignore an attorney because he is arranging a free meeting for you. Keep your assumptions aside and try to consult the best attorneys near you. Free sessions may help you to understand a lawyer. If you are satisfied with his communication style, move ahead with this lawyer. During a meeting, you can find out these things:

  • Fees of the bankruptcy attorney to represent you in the court.
  • Evaluate the expertise of your attorney to know if he can help you.
  • Would you find it comfortable to work with this lawyer?

Expertise and Experience

Successful navigation of bankruptcy code needs an in-depth knowledge of bankruptcy law. The lawyer must have the experience to deal with the complications. A missed deadline or misfiled form could result in adverse outcomes. For this reason, you have to find a specialist. Working with a lawyer who is not specialized in bankruptcy can increase your problems. Before picking a lawyer, verify his/her background or specialized training.

A lawyer with bankruptcy certification from American Certification Board may have information of bankruptcy code. He works better than an average attorney can. An attorney with NACBA affiliation is committed to advocating people in these cases. Try to find an attorney who has experience in handling chapter 13 and chapter 7 bankruptcies. A reasonable attorney will discuss substitutes to bankruptcy like credit counseling with clients.  

Suitable Compensation for Cases

It is difficult to tell the right fee of a bankruptcy attorney. However, a filing for Chapter 13 may cost more than Chapter 7. Prices may vary in each case and each state. Sometimes, you have to pay between $600 and $4,000 for Chapter 7.

Similarly, the fee for chapter 13 may vary between $1,500 and $6,500. Complications in a case can increase its charges. Make sure to check the fee structure of attorney during your initial meeting and ask about included services.

Make sure you are getting worth your money for a particular situation. Understand the stake for which you will need an insolvency attorney. If you have some assets, there is nothing much to lose. Feel free to go with an average lawyer. In case of an expensive home and cumbersome equity, make sure to hire an expert with a strong background of victories.

Compatibility and Communication

Before hiring an attorney, ask yourself if you are comfortable with him in communications. The quality of communication is essential because if you don’t feel comfortable in disclosing what you are worried about, it can be the wrong choice for your insolvency case. Without having your information, a lawyer can’t assess the right situation and possible options. 

A lawyer with a compatible personality can help you in a better way. He will not become your pal or buddy but can give you the right advice after understanding your problem. Choose an attorney who can create a welcoming atmosphere for clients.

While searching a good lawyer for you, make sure to stay away from bankruptcy mills and busy law firms. A firm handling several bankruptcy cases may not give you sufficient attention and time. If you meet a busy lawyer or law firm, say goodbye to them after your first meeting.

What should you expect from a bankruptcy lawyer?

Depending on the nature of bankruptcy, your debt can be erased, reorganized or decreased. After this process, it will be easy for you to pay the bill. Creditors can get a percentage of his/her money instead of zero payment. After filing for consumer bankruptcy, a debtor can lose a few assets. If you are registering for commercial insolvency, you can lose your business. A qualified attorney can help you in this situation. He can recommend the right type of bankruptcy and help you through this process.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Businesses or individuals with no assets or few assets can file this type of bankruptcy. Chapter7 allows you to dispose of your unsecured debts, such as medical bills and credit cards. People with nonexempt assets like family inheritances (collections with coins or stamps of high valuations) and vehicles and second homes and bonds, stocks or cash should liquidate the property. These items may help you to repay unsecured debts.

You have to sell off your assets to clear away debts. Consumers without valuable assets and exempt property like tools, clothing, and household goods for their vehicles and trades of a particular value, repay section of unsecured debt.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

You can file for this chapter if you have to reorganize and want to become profitable. Under this chapter, a company can create a plan for profitability and cut costs to increase revenue. For instance, a business under this chapter can slightly increase its rates and offer extra services to earn a profit.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If your financial condition is better than chapter 7, you can file for this chapter. Under this chapter, businesses and individuals can create workable repayment plans. For repayments to creditors, the court permits the debtors to keep their property, such as nonexempt property.

Another bankruptcy filing is Chapter 15 to deal with cross-border cases that involve creditors, assets, debtors and other parties. A debtor can file this petition in his home country. After getting a discharge order, you are not legally required to pay debts. A creditor listed on the discharge can’t undertake officially any collection activity. He is not allowed to send letters or make phone calls independently.

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