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My teacher has given me a task on the related subject. If it’s not too much trouble help with the task so we can present the task ASAP. As I am confronting trouble with the theme.

Question 1. Consider the following solvent pairs when mixed: which are immiscible/miscible? If the solvents are immiscible, which solvent would be in the top layer?

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Question 2.Phenols don’t exhibit the same pKa values as other alcohols; they are generally more acidic. Using the knowledge that hydrogen acidity is directly related to the stability of the anion formed (the conjugate base), explain why phenol is much more acidic than cyclohexanol.

Question 3. The pKa of 2,4-dinitrophenol is 3.96. Could you separate it from benzoic acid using the extraction procedures in this experiment?

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