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Every lawsuit is unique on its own. But if you want to win, you better make sure you have superb legal counsel. When it comes to fighting a medical drug lawsuit, you need much more than just a capable lawyer at your side.

You are going to take your case against a big pharma company. Usually, these companies have resources and connections available you don’t even know off. So, fighting the war against them is going to be tough. But don’t worry, we are going to provide you with some hacks that will make sure you have a strong ground to stand on.


We are going to give you a brief guide. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to about winning a case against a big medical company by proving your claim.

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Consult with Lawyer

Before you think of stepping into the court, you need to speak with an attorney. You need to find someone who will help you evaluate the matter. The lawyer will take his time and access your situation to find where you are currently standing.

The lawyer will prepare you mentally for what you are about to face. There are many cases where you will need to withdraw before you are involved way too much. If you have a strong clipping, the lawyer helps you lay the foundation of your case.

Swift Action

If the attorney gives you confidence that you have a case, then you need to take action swiftly. For some reason, most people wait and submit after they have wasted a lot of time. Therefore, the earlier you start, the easier it will be for you.

You should know the fact that these cases might take years to conclude.  Take action while your medical evidence is evident. This way, your case will be solved quickly.

The Evidence

You need proper evidence for such case before you step into court. Lawyers familiar with such cases help you get all evidence that you require to support the claim.

You will have to dedicate time to find and gather evidence. It will help to build your case. For instance, you will require pictures as well as medical reports. Every single one of these documents will help to support your case. 

Nerves of Steel

When you pursue a trial, you should know it might overwhelm you. You might feel you have to give up and let this matter go from time to time. But you have to stay strong. It’s important because the company will start intimidating you or make you counteroffer in hopes you might give up fighting.

You should always refer to a lawyer before you take any step!

Are the Prescriptions Dangerous?

Prescriptions drugs are very reliable today. But there is no guarantee that the drug will work just as intended. Even the FDA approval won’t suffice.

It doesn’t matter what the drug was advertised doing, including its causes and side effects. There are some valid reasons for prescriptions lawsuit, not the least of which is to hold companies and drug makers accountable for their respective claims. We are going to talk about how lawyers prepare for such case and what you should do if you were the victim of a bad drug.

How Do Lawyers Prepare for Such Cases?

Medical Drug Lawsuit are built by gathering as many victims as possible. Via class action lawsuit against a medical company, victims can split the cost of a lawyer and keep themselves from paying too much in a rather protracted fight against big pharma companies.

The way such cases are built, its important anyone who has suffered from defective drug contact an attorney instantly. Make sure you find a lawyer close to your vicinity. They will help you build your case against the company.

The lawyer has to prove that the victim’s issues are caused by a defect with the manufacturer’s product. A big reason for this inconvenience is there was no proper warning before time.  

What to Do if the Drug Caused You a Health Issue?

The first thing you need to do if you faced such issue, see an experienced drug lawyer who will find other victims with similar story against the same company. If you want the class action to be built, then the next steps will involve further building evidence of such a case.

Otherwise, you have to prove the damage originated at some point of production (whether design or manufacturing) or potential side effects which weren’t addressed.

Prescription Drug Lawyers want to hear your story, so you have to contact the legal experts and tell them exactly what happened to you, spare no details. Just make sure you find someone who has experience fighting such cases.

Types of Medical Drug Cases

When it comes to prescription medical lawsuits, there are three types of a class action that can be filed against pharmaceutical companies:

Failure to Warn Ahead of Time or Improper Instructions on Medications

Failure to Warn happens when the medicine label fails to convey how to use the products properly. This often leads to mistreatment. In some cases, the medications are marketed for off-label use as well. For instance, Cymbalta is an anti-depressant which is also used to treat chronic pain.

It leads to several other issues including aggressive marketing, and sales. This means the company doesn’t look forward to treating the issues of their end consumers. Instead, they want to make more sale and profit.

Sometimes, medical companies go to the extent of introducing and killing it with products which were never approved by the FDA.  Don’t worry; there are laws which hold the drug manufacturing companies accountable. When it comes to health and medication, even the slightest mishap can lead to severe consequences. So, you need to take utmost care.

Design Defects of Product

Poor medication design can lead to severe issues. These complications can be nausea, dizziness, vertigo, vomiting, etc.

In case the medication is manufactured as it should be, the potential benefits will outweigh the side-effects, and the end user gets no harm.

Manufacturing Defects of Product

It happens when the issue starts at the initial stages. Its possible the batch got tainted during manufacturing or something was added later which diluted the whole thing. Still, the pill is harmful for the end user.

Who Can You Hold Accountable?

Most of these cases are due to negligence. These are better known as strict liability claims. In such cases, when the defendant puts a product into the market, they are responsible for whatever damages it caused. It doesn’t matter where the product ends up being and who it harms. The manufacturer is responsible.

If you are thinking can you sue the pharmaceutical company, then yes you can. We already said the manufacturer is liable for this issue. The issue is, these cases take a bit time and monitoring the damage of drugs can take some time.

As a plethora of patients uses medications, then take action against the company in the form of a class action lawsuit. In these cases, several plaintiffs come together to sue the company at once. This is the most effective approach.

How can the Company Defend Against Your Claim?

The drug manufacture company will try difference defines when fighting the lawsuit. If one approach doesn’t work, they will try their luck with another. Following we explain a few tactics commonly used by medical companies.

Comparative Fault

This also translates as contributing negligence. Some states introduced a comparative fault. According to it, if the plaintiff contributed to the accident regardless of extent, the fight bar will recover some damage from him, the defendant is not completely responsible for the damage.

Assumption of Risk

When the plaintiff knew about the risk involved in the use of the drug and use the product anyway, and suffer the consequence, then they are prevented from recovering damages. This relates to the plaintiff’s state of mind and whether they disregarded the danger or not.

Substantial Changes If the plaintiff made changes to the product, it might have caused the plaintiff’s issue. If this is the case, the manufacturer is no longer held liable as this modification is proved the direct cause of harm. If the manufacturer was able to predict the consumer will make changes to their product, then they are held accountable to an extent.

 Statute of Limitations

If the statute of limitations is experience, then the company is not accountable. It depends on which state you are fighting the case in. Every plaintiff has a respected period to mind when it comes to filing their claim. This is very challenging when it comes to drug cases. The plaintiff won’t notice an issue for a long time.

This is labeled as the Discovery Rule. So, its imperative that you find someone who is well versed in such cases, this is the only way you are going to assure your effort and investment is paying off. If you fail to find a reliable lawyer, your case is doomed to failure even before you start fighting.

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