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Are you panic-stricken because you are facing bankruptcy? The truth is that it can be a painful situation to end up losing all your assets and money. For most people, it becomes difficult to relate to such a situation, and they want an immediate solution.

The rule of the thumb is that you need to use your discretion when in pain. When facing bankruptcy, the first thing that you need to do is go for a bankruptcy attorney. If you live in Los Angeles, then you can find the top Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney without an issue.

Now, the most important thing is that you need to have a roadmap to get your hands on the best bankruptcy attorney. To make things easy, you should write down the guideline in the form of an essay. We will give you the details that you need to include in your essay.

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Finding a Bankruptcy attorney in Los Angeles

Starting your search for the top bankruptcy attorney

When you have to find a bankruptcy attorney, then you have to remember that it will be a two-step process. The first step is that you will need to find the eligible candidates. Well, you can complete this mission by meeting those who fit your criteria.

Next, you can retain the ones who are compatible with you. When you have to find the best lawyers, then you should make it a point to contact your relatives and friends. There are times when you can find the lawyers on your homeowner association board also.

 You can even visit the American Bar Association to get insight into the top lawyers and legal services. The reason is that the local and the state bars are a good source to find the best attorneys.

Now, you can also make use of different search engines to locate the best attorneys. The good news is that you will come across many sites that give a star-based rating to the attorneys also. Well, this way it will become easy for you to locate a good bankruptcy attorney.

When you look at the attorney ratings, then it is preferable that you should avoid all those lawyers who have a four-star rating. The reason is that they may not have the skillset you need.

What you require is a bankruptcy specialist. If we look back at the records, then the last revision in the bankruptcy law took place in 2005. Since that time frame, the laws remained constant.

Well, this is why only a specialist will be aware of the latest happenings in the bankruptcy world.

 Hiring criteria for the bankruptcy specialist

Ideally, you should go for an attorney who belongs to the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. The reason is that these lawyers are aware of the latest rules. You need to look for certified bankruptcy attorneys.

Now, you might be wondering who is certified, attorneys. The certified lawyers are the ones who have objective standards, and they have demonstrated knowledge when it comes to bankruptcy.

 It will also be great if the lawyers have published articles in professional journals. It will make it easy for you to gauge the knowledge of the lawyer. There is yet another way to judge if a lawyer is professional and in demand.

If a lawyer gets called in bankruptcy conferences, then it is proof of the fact that their knowledge is in demand. The essential aspect is that there should be no ethnic complaints against the bankruptcy attorney that you hire.

Scheduling the interview

Once you shortlist the best candidates, then it is time for the interview. The ideal figure is that you should schedule about three interviews. The benefit of this practice is that you will have options.

You can compare them, and make the best pick. Now, there are times you get put off just because a candidate charges a small consultation fee. Well, that should not be the case for sure. Do not judge a candidate on parameters like consultation fee.

You need to do a bit of homework also once you schedule the interview. You should come prepared with the necessary documents that the lawyer may need to assess your bankruptcy case.

Deciding the questions for the interview

 It is also vital that you should get ready with the set of questions that you intend to ask a lawyer. First, you need to establish whether your attorney considers you a viable candidate for bankruptcy.

It is also essential that you should have a clear idea about the bankruptcy cases that your lawyer dealt with in the past. You should also find out the type of bankruptcies that the lawyer dealt with.

You want to develop your comfort zone with your bankruptcy attorney, and this is why you need to have strong communication with your lawyer. During the interview find out how quickly they return the calls. Be upfront and ask your attorney their charges for the calls.

You need to have a clear picture about how much your lawyer will facilitate you. Question the attorneys if they will accompany you to the court, and manage your paperwork for you.

 When you interview three attorneys, then it is important that you should write down your opinion in a journal. You can also tap in your thoughts on your Smartphone. When you get back home, you can revisit your writing and evaluate the attorneys based on what you wrote.

 By the end of the interview, you need to have the answer to the two most important questions. The first is that is the lawyer trustworthy? The second question is whether the lawyer gave you a patient listening?

If the answer to both these questions is yes, then this means that you made the best pick.

 Consider the three “E” s for selecting your Bankruptcy attorney

If you are curious about what these three “E’s” are all about let us answer you right here. The three E’s are Experience, Empathy, and Expense. It is understandable that for most what matters the most is Empathy.

If a bankruptcy lawyer does not hold any empathy for his clients, then he will be unable to serve them in the best way. He should be able to relate to the turmoil you are going through and should be willing to find the best solution for your problem.

The second most essential aspect for most people is the experience. They want to go for a lawyer who knows his job and helps you look forward to a positive outcome. The reason is that bankruptcy is agonizing, and you do not want your case to fall in the wrong hands.

The last but another essential aspect is the Expense. Yes, the budget does matter at the end of the day. Go for an attorney who can understand your finances and be willing to charge a fee accordingly.

It will not be a good idea to go for an attorney who charges a large upfront amount. If you end up paying a huge upfront amount, then it will worsen your financial situation, and this is not something that you want at the end of the day.

The red flags to watch out for in a bankruptcy attorney

When you are about to select a bankruptcy attorney, then there are some red flag alerts that you need to be vigilant about. If a bankruptcy law firm indulges in excess marketing, then consider it a red flag alert.

The reason is that when a lawyer is successful in his business, then the news regarding the reputation spreads fast, and he does not require heavy advertising. You want your lawyer to be focused on your case. Well, this is only possible if he does not handle a large number of cases in one go.

If it is the case, then this means that your lawyer lacks the element of dedication, and you may end up with potential losses if you hire such a person for the job. Remember that the support staff also plays a role. Your lawyer can only smoothly handle your case if his support staff is productive.

If he has non-lawyer support staff, then this means that the lawyer believes in shortcuts and lacks the professional approach for a successful bankruptcy closure. Documentation needs to be proper, and your lawyer has to be organized in this regard. If he is unable to maintain a record of the documents, then this is yet another failure on his part. You should avoid such an attorney by all means.

The hearing will play a crucial role in the decision of your bankruptcy case, and so you can afford to go wrong here. Check out how your chosen attorney attends the hearings. If he comes unprepared, then this means that you are in for trouble and you may end up losing your case.

Consider these criteria when choosing your attorney, and mention all these points in your essay. Whenever you embark upon the quest to find the best bankruptcy attorney do look at this essay and then search for your attorney.

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