Florida ARC 1720 Survey of Architecture Quiz 3

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Romanesque architecture, the drawing we know as the Planof St. Gall survived due to

1. According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Medieval and Romanesque architecture, the experience of making ones way along the multitude of religious routes connecting hundreds of shrines, sacred spaces, towns and churches throughout the whole of Europe was called a ________.

A. Field trip

B. Sacrifice

C. Pilgrimage

D. Gathering

Answer: Pilgrimage

2. Around 315, _______________ compared the act of Christ working to rebuild the human soul to that of rebuilding both the material church (more splendidly than before) and the universal Church in which God sets the people in “living, securely-laid and unshakable stones.”

A. Constatine

B. Saint peter of Rome

C. Bishop Paulinus

D. Bishop Eusebius

Answer: Bishop Eusebius

3. The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem was innovative because it

Answer: provided circulation space required by pilgrims visiting the holy site

4. . According to Professor Kara’s lecture on Early Christian and Byzantine architecture, church acrchitecrture started with with simple basilica plans with

A. Cast in place concrete roofs

B. poured concrete roofs

C. Wooden trussed roofs

D. Steel bar joists supporting metal roof decking

Answer: Wooden trussed roofs

5. According to Professor Kara’s lecture on Early Christian and Byzantine architecture, the height difference between the nave roof and the isle roof in an early Roman basilica was used forr

Answer: clerestory windows

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