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written in lower case letters entirely

Question 6

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In the world of evolutionary biology, the current belief is that taxa change in a pattern that most closely fits: punctuated equilibrium gradualism stasis A and B only B and C only

Question 7

What percentage of identified LIVING species are vertebrates?

50 % 23 % 6 % less than 3%

Question 8

The majority of species on earth are:

vertebrates mammals invertebrates bacteria

Question 9

Why did Linneus’s innovation of “binomial nomenclature” revolutionize the field of taxonomy?

species’ common names are no longer confusing

every species has a unique name based on its genus and species

English is the language most scientists speak

Hierarchy is not helpful when trying to understand relationships

Question 10

The continents are in the same locations that they were 245 million years ago.



Question 11

Cichlids living in Lake Tanganyika have _________________ diversity relative to other groups living in similar sized lakes.

high average low

Question 12

Which of the following would NOT be an example of convergent evolution in diet?

meat-eating in a lion and meat-eating in a tiger

great white shark eating seals and a killer whale eating seals

nectar feeding by a butterfly and nectar feeding by a hummingbird

plant-eating by a koala and plant-eating by a panda

Question 13

group of organisms that includes an ancestor and all their descendants is termed a: node

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