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NTR101 Fundamentals Nutrition

Test 3A

•Question 1 If a person uses fasting to lose weight, how will his or her body react?

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•Question 2 How can the mayor change the built environment in his town to promote the healthy weight status of its residents?

•Question 3 Which of the following is based on weight and height and used in clinical settings to assess weight status and possible health risks?

•Question 4 One of the major benefits of physical activity for weight management is:

•Question 5 A woman weighs 210 pounds and is 65 inches tall. Calculate her BMI.

•Question 6 Characteristics of an individual with bulimia include all of the following EXCEPT:

•Question 7 Which individual’s activity had the highest calorie cost?

•Question 8 About what percent of a meal’s energy value is used up in stepped -up metabolism in the five or so hours following that meal (the thermic effect of food)?

•Question 9 Waist circumference reflects the degree of _____ in proportion to body fatness.

•Question 10 All of the following are health risks associated with excessive body fat EXCEPT:

•Question 11 You are trying to reduce your food intake by skipping lunch for several weeks to lose weight and fit into a favorite outfit for a special occasion. However, by the middle of the afternoon you are very uncomfortable with the empty feeling in your stomach and feel you “have to” eat. This is caused by:

•Question 12 An effective method for losing weight would be to:

•Question 13 Excess fat around the _____ represents a greater risk to health than excess fat elsewhere on the body

•Question 14 Efforts in which of the following areas are necessary for successful weight change?

•Question 15 What is currently known about the benefits of fluoride in drinking water supplies?

•Question 16 The more processed a food:

•Question 17 The best source of phosphorus is:

•Question 18 Which of the following would you consume with a plant source of iron in order to facilitate iron absorption?

•Question 19 Which of the following best describes the fluoride content of bottled water?

•Question 20 Over half of the body’s magnesium is stored in the:

•Question 21 Sulfate is adequate in a diet that contains sufficient:

•Question 22 Your best friend complains that she is tired all of the time and has a problem concentrating. In addition, she likes to chew ice. Which of the following is your friend likely to have?

•Question 23 Osteoporosis is most often associated with:

•Question 24 Which of the following is an accurate statement about calcium supplements for bone health?

•Question 25 Which of the following agencies is responsible for ensuring that public water systems meet minimum standards for protection of public health?

•Question 26 When a child has a virus that has caused vomiting and diarrhea over several days’ time it is critical for her to receive medical care because:

•Question 27 Which of the following foods provides the least amount of available zinc?

•Question 28 When comparing absorption and storage of fat-soluble versus water-soluble vitamins in the body:

•Question 29 The active form of vitamin A stored in the liver is:

•Question 30 The B vitamins act as part of:

•Question 31 Pellagra is a _____ deficiency disease.

•Question 32 Which of the following preparation or storage techniques for fruits and vegetables will preserve the most vitamins?

•Question 33 Someone consuming a diet comprised mostly of processed, fast, deep-fried, and convenience foods should be most concerned about getting an adequate amount of vitamin:

•Question 34 The main function of vitamin K is:

•Question 35 A woman who is on a low-carbohydrate diet for weight loss may have difficulty maintaining an adequate level of the B vitamins thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and folate. What foods being avoided in her diet are most likely to cause this?

•Question 36 An uninformed strict vegetarian is at special risk for _____ deficiency.

•Question 37 In which of the following situations would a vitamin E deficiency be least likely?

•Question 38 Which of the following would provide the highest amount of vitamin E?

•Question 39 A person who lives in a city with high air pollution levels may be exposed to increased oxidative damage in the lungs from breathing the contaminated air. Which antioxidant vitamin is needed to protect the cells from damage?

•Question 40 The only animal food source that is rich in vitamin K is:

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