HARPER SOC101 Chapter 10 Exam Latest 2019 MAY

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SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

Chapter 10 Exam

1: As a result of economic restructuring, average wages have __________ since the 1970s.

Answer; stagnated

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2: Remington is involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement. He camped out for weeks at a park opposite the statehouse in Columbus, Ohio, and was eventually arrested. Remington, like other protestors, has many concerns about his economic condition, but he likely joined the movement to protest __________.

Answer; The disparity in income and wealth between the top 1 percent of Americans and everyone else

3: Before retirement, most people get most or all of their income from __________.

Answer; their jobs

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4: Lana, a single woman with no dependents, is unable to afford basic necessities, such as housing and healthcare. What type of poverty is she experiencing?

Answer; absolute poverty

5: A group of friends are discussing their salaries. Among them they earn the following per year: $40,000, $50,000, $65,000, $68,000, and $75,000. What is the median salary among this group of friends?

Answer; $65,000

6: According to Forbes magazine, in 2014, the richest individual in the world was __________.

Answer; American

7: Because there are no obvious ways of determining how much opportunity individuals really have, social scientists measure it indirectly by examining __________.

Answer; Social mobility

8: Who theorized that the critical divisions between classes were the result of the economic system?

A. Max Weber
B. Ralf Dahrendorf
C. Emile Durkheim
D. Karl Marx

Answer; D. Karl Marx

9: Kenneth lives in a low-income, high-crime neighborhood. His home is poorly ventilated, which triggers asthma attacks. As a result of these stressors, he has high blood pressure. How would sociologists describe Kenneth’s cognitive development?

Answer; as compromised

10: Under feudalism, the laborers who were obligated to work for landowners were called __________.

Answer; Serfs

11: Why is it difficult to get an accurate count of the homeless?

Answer; Many of the homeless may temporarily live with friends and family.

12: The majority of minimum-wage employees are __________.

Answer; adults

13: __________ had the fewest opportunities for social inequality to emerge.

Answer; Hunting an gathering societies

14: The primary way in which most Americans with modest incomes accumulate wealth is through __________.

a. retirement accounts
b. investments
c. home ownership
d. net financial assets

Answer; c. home ownership

15: A sociologist would most likely conclude what about homeless individuals?

Answer; The homeless live in absolute poverty.

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