How To Write A Case Study Paper

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Have you ever watched an episode from the medical drama series, ‘House’? If you can narrate an individual episode, that is how the flow of your case study should be. While not every case study is based on crime or a medical condition, the approach taken in getting to the root of a case is similar.

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Think of yourself as a detective presented with a case that needs solving; where do you begin your investigation from? What are the best angles to explore based on the information you have and that which is missing currently before you? That, right there is precisely where all case studies should start from.

Solving a case requires much more than understanding what the current scenario is. It calls for a combination of judgment, probing and pursuit of the truth. As someone reads your case study, they should be able to see a context within which the case is being solved. For instance, all the possible solutions should be laid bare and then evidence used to back up or dismiss certain occurrences.

It is from previously acquired knowledge that a single scenario can eventually make sense to the researcher as well as others unattached to the case. It is therefore not possible to hurry through a case study project because the plot builds up gradually and undue speed could lead to an oversight of crucial details. It is also not possible to wait till the last minute to start your case study project. Have you noticed how detectives in TV series seem to get a breakthrough even in their sleep? That is not fiction; it happens when writing a case study too.

How to prepare for a case study paper

If you are given a case study assignment, your tutors expect you to present them with an essay that not only outlines adequate investigation but also exams alternative solutions. At the end of your essay, you need to add your recommendations based on the findings you get.

The secret to an impressive case study that earns you a good grade is material; this is the content on which your investigation will be based, built and solved. Prepare your case study by taking note of the following guidelines; you will need to allocate adequate time to the entire process because, honestly, it is time demanding. You will also need to understand the important tips on how to pass a case study with flying colors.

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1. Take a close look at the case before you

This step is crucial because it allows you time to examine the case inside and out. It helps to take short notes as you read through the case material because you need to identify areas that require more attention and deeper digging. Go through the case to not only understand what you have been presented with but also to identify facts and key aspects of the case.

2. Examine the case analysis

Now that you have understood what the current situation with the case is, think about reasons as to why it exists that way. For better results, aim for at least major issues that stand out from the case as possible contributors to the current state. It is at this point that you should point out how the issues you have singled out impact the society or quality of life of an individual. The main aim in this analysis is to make it clear that they are a problem that needs to be eliminated.

3. Draft possible solutions

Based on research you have conducted on the case before, it is now time to apply the knowledge gathered on the situation. At this state, present to the reader a set of discussions and review them to fit into the case highlighted. What have previous researchers found on the case that you are currently studying? Is there course material that you can use to propose a solution to the case? These just some of the approaches you can use to solve your case.

4. Settle on a single solution

Like it is for every episode of House or CSI, the end is characterized by suggesting of a single solution that enjoys the backing of solid evidence and history. Out of the several possible solutions for your case, you personally have that which stands out as the real deal. Present this one not just as a matter of fact way but with supporting information and references. At the end of the essay, your argument should not only be realistic but also convincing to the reader.

Drafting your case

Drafting your case happens after you’ve done your research and written the outline. A draft helps you develop and write your case study by using the data you collected. You can contact our expert writers for any professional case study writing service for any assignment help you need. What should you know about the drafting stage?

Your draft should have the following sections;

  • Introduction

This is where you should aim to attract the attention of your reader. You can begin by asking a question or quoting someone you collected data from through an interview. What you say must go hand in hand with the topic and give enough information. It is mandatory for your introduction to have a thesis statement. This exactly show what your case study will be about

  • Background

It is in this part that presenting an analysis of the previous work on your topic using photos or videos that you took during the research takes place. This section aims to describe the main reason for your work and bring up the issues that you are going to talk about in-depth. It shows how much research you have done.

  • Alternatives

Mention options that you think would be viable to your case study. Give more information as to why those options would no longer work.

  • Proposed solution

Give a solution that would be of help to your case study, give reasons as to why you have chosen it. You can go ahead and support your solution by providing evidence which you can get from outside research, class discussions such as lectures and you can use personal readings.

  • Recommendations

Here, you get to say what needs to be done and who the right person is or group to person the task .It is the strategy of attaining the proposed solution.

Finalizing your case

After you are through with the draft, you now polish up your case study by doing the following;

  • Check the correct format and see if you followed it accordingly.
  • Check that your referencing and citation is of the correct style. Get insights on how to cite your case study.
  • Edit by going through your work to check grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Check if your thesis statement clear and direct?
  • Check if you have you provided solid evidence?
  • Check if there is any component from the analysis missing?

There are things you need to avoid, such as;

  • Not exploring all possible implications. It would be best to be thorough in all the possible outcomes, recommendations, and findings
  • .Failure to writing limitations of the general research
  • Overgeneralization by going out of the main problem.

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