How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical thinking skills give students the ability to think clearly and come up with effective solutions to problems. The skills also provide room for creativity. Critical thinking essays are some of the most common assignments in school. By assigning critical thinking essays, professors look to enhance their students’ analytical skills. Analytical writing teaches learners how to read concepts comprehensively and express their thoughts understandably and methodically.

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Here are tips that you need to write an impressive critical thinking essay.

1. Choose a central argument

An excellent critical thinking essay begins with choosing the central argument the essay will focus on. This will inform your outline and content. Most of the time, professors provide you with a topic. However, if you are the one to choose the argument, choose a topic that is interesting to you.

Also, choose a topic that has content and information that you will use to build your essay. Avoid complex topics. Your professor will not be looking at how complicated your topic is. Instead, his or her focus will be on how well you can argue your points and how much information you can get on the topic.

Pick a topic you can tackle and has information to have a stress-free experience writing your essay.

2. Create a thesis statement

Just like the topic, it keeps you informed on the central focus of your writing. A thesis statement is the foundation of your essay. A strong thesis statement will lead to an excellent paper. It will also give you the paper’s goal and provide a road map to achieving it.

Note that the thesis statement should also not deviate from the essay topic. It should also build up into the body of your essay. A unique thesis statement will lock the attention of your professor. In case you are having any issues creating your thesis statement, feel free to use our free thesis generator.

3. Create an outline

Now that you have a thesis statement, you have the information you need to draft a good outline. An outline will give your critical thinking essay a thoughtful flow and organize your ideas. It will also guide your research areas, allowing you to collect adequate information before you start writing the body.

The outline should follow the standard structure of a critical thinking essay. That is the introduction, body, and conclusion. In your outline, you are allowed to break down the body into different paragraphs.

Each paragraph should have different points supporting the thesis statement. The outline will also save you from deviating from the context of your essay and also weak arguments. Take time to think through your outline, and you will have an easy time writing your essay.

4. Collect information

Collect most of the information before you start writing your essay. Not only will it save time and allow the free flow of ideas, but it also exposes you to more information that you can use in your essay.

You get more information on what you want to write in your critical thinking essay. This allows you to prioritize your points and choose the most compelling information to include in your essay. Prior research can significantly enhance the quality of your essay.

More so, it is easy to distinguish between a critical thinking essay where work has been put in and the one that has not. Your paper will be more clear and creative.

5. Write the body

Start writing the body, one point per paragraph, and doing an in-depth analysis of your points, expressing your points and analyze them. Use the information you have collected from the different sources as evidence for supporting your evidence.

Also, analyze the different viewpoints on the topic, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Remember that it is a critical thinking essay, and therefore analysis of points is required.

One of the paragraphs of the body should include your viewpoint. After discussing and analyzing all the other points, it is also essential to bring your conclusions forward. Write about what you think about the topic and also use evidence to back your evidence.

6. Write the conclusion

Sum up all the ideas in the body to create a conclusion. You can also reintroduce the thesis statement as you start writing the overview. Also, remember that you should not introduce new ideas in the conclusion.

Only summarize what you have already discussed.

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Additional Tips for Writing a Critical Thinking Essay

1. Revise and proofread your work

As much as the professor may be testing your analytical and critical thinking skills, your ability to comply with the provided requirements will also be tested. Go through your work to ensure that all the requirements have been met.

Proofreading is a critical part of essay writing that must not be ignored. You don’t want to submit a paper that is filled with errors. Proofreading will allow the reader to have an undistracted and good experience with your paper.

It also ensures that your message is delivered as intended. Remember that punctuation errors alongside other grammatical errors can change the meaning of the sentences, hence information.

2. Never express your opinion using the first-person narrative

As much as you are required to share your view in the end, do not fall into the temptation of expressing your opinion using the third person. In the body of your essay, use the third-person narrative.

3. Remember that evidence is important

Evidence forms a vital part of critical thinking essays. You have to use it to analyze viewpoints and to support them. You can use narratives and case studies from reliable sources to back your opinions in the paper.

Start an excellent critical thinking essay by identifying the central focus of the paper. Come up with a good, researchable topic and a strong thesis statement. If your professor has provided the topic, work with it.

A good essay will have a comprehensive outline that will inform the body. Take time to do research even before you start writing the essay. This way, you will have a vast pool of ideas and evidence. With adequate information, it is easy to come up with a compelling paper. Perhaps you might be interested in reading an organizational culture essay.

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