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Is your research paper giving you a headache? Here’s how to write an abstract for a research paper!

Writing an abstract for a research paper is quite an easy task. It is a summary of your article. In brief, it highlights your major points. This is a crucial part of a research paper because it determines whether your audience will read the rest of your work or not. As the analysis of your research, it helps them understand the contents of your paper. It should be interesting and draw the reader’s attention.

Here are the major guidelines that you should use to write an abstract for your research paper.

Step by Step Guide on How to Write an Abstract for Research paper

Complete writing your paper first

In spite of the fact that the summary comes at the beginning of your paper, it should be written last since it summarizes your entire work. This helps you to understand why you’re writing it in the first place and its requirements. It also allows you to consider your readers. After all, you need their undivided attention. You should identify the most appropriate abstract that your research paper needs; informative or descriptive.

It must be allow the audience to get your arguments and understand them with ease. After you have identified the purpose of your paper, the problems, methods, and the results, you can get started.

What is the purpose of the abstract?

It is impossible to write an abstract for your research paper if you have not identified its importance. State the problem and reasons for conducting the research. What did you find and how is it important? Write it in a way that elaborates why your research is crucial. It should be able to trigger interest in your reader so that they can read on.

Explain the problem

After you have stated your problem, you have to explain so that the reader can understand your ideas. You have addressed this issue in your paper. You can combine this problem that you are trying to solve with your motivation: even though you should clearly distinguish the two.

Again, explain the scope of your research. Is it a general problem or one that is specific?

Explain your methods

What methods did you use to acquire information in your study? If you used primary data, describe the methods that you used to get the information. You should also give a brief explanation of how you acquired your secondary data if any. Discuss your approach and variables as well as the evidence that supports your claim.

Describe your findings

An abstract also has to explain what you found out after conducting your study. Your results will depend on the type of abstract that you have decided to write. If your abstract is informative, you have to explain your hypothesis and state whether it was supported. Illustrate your general findings and the conclusions you drew from the study.

Write your conclusion

This is the part that ends your summary. You should address why the findings are important and what makes your research paper relevant. Explain whether your results were general or specific and stated the overall significance of the study.

If you want your abstract to be great, you need to:

Provide crucial information

An abstract should provide important details about your research paper. Do not use redundant and ambiguous phrases that leave your reader confused.  Refrain from using unnecessary abbreviations, figures or even long quotations from your sources. They are not what your audience is looking for.

Use the keywords and language appropriately

If your research paper is to be published especially on online platforms, you have to use the keywords and phrases in your research well. This way, your work will be easier to find. The information that you provide should also be factual so that it hooks your readers.

Again, avoid the use of jargon and language that is too explicit.

Keep your abstract organized

Your abstract should be orderly. Nobody is interested in reading something that is not neat and organized. Use clear style guides that which make the parts of your abstract visible. For instance, make sure that your readers know the introduction, body, and conclusion.


This is the last stage where you go through your work to ensure that it has no grammar errors and that it is formatted well. You can also seek the opinion of a friend to confirm that your work is perfect.

An abstract is a review of your research paper. Always ensure that it is consistent and all the information flows. When written well, your reader will undoubtedly love your research paper.

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