How to Write an Ad Analysis Essay

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How to write an advertisement analysis essay

What is an Advertisement Analysis Essay?

An advertisement analysis essay is an academic paper that requires you to scrutinize an advertisement. Mainly it is written about Television commercials or prints, and its objective is to find any hidden message in the advertisement which may be misleading or deceptive to the audience. You can base your scrutinization on various aspects of the advert, such as lighting, the target market age, music, color, and gender.

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Example of an Ad Analysis Essay Outline

The advertisement essay outline has three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.


  1. Introduce the advertisement name and its purpose. Mention the brand and the authors.
  2. Provide background information on the service or product advertised in the ad.
  3. Introduce a summary of the advertisement context
  4. Provide the advertised company background information
  5. Introduce your thesis statement, which should be between 1 and to 2 sentences


You break down the advert in the body by discussing the target audience and the content. You should discuss each feature in its paragraph.

  • Discuss the advantages of the advertisement for the target audience and provide examples where applicable
  • Discuss different components of the ad
  • Discuss the strategies used to convince the target audience
  • Discuss the thoughts and emotions the advertisement is evoking in the audience
  • Discuss the advertisement’s impact on the audience
  • Describe the visual and textual strategies, including narration tone and style in the ad.
  • If comparing two ads, explore the similarities and the differences.


The conclusion should be clear and concise.

  • State the main points of the advertisement and the reasons that make the advert successful.
  • Highlights the intentions of the advertisement—state whether it achieved its goals of informing or entertaining the target audience.
  • Provide your opinion.

Here is Garnier Fructis Shampoo ad analysis essay example with an outline written by our team of experts to give you more insights.

How to Start an Ad Analysis Essay

An advertisement analysis essay is similar to any other standard essay. First, you must develop a topic and a thesis statement that dictates your writing. The topic is the first thing that makes the audience read your article or not.

Right after the topic, you should craft an attention-grabbing statement that hooks the reader. It can be a shocking statistic, a thought-provoking question, or a bold statement. Then follow with the necessary background on the topic.

Here is an example of how to start an ad analysis essay.

Topic: Trust Condom Umbrella Advertisement.

The trust condom advertisement uses conviction strategies such as logical and emotional appeal to persuade the audience to buy trust condoms. The advert targets men’s attention through women. To grab the audience’s attention, it spices up the advert and sums it up in a sexually themed strategy. You can literally feel the tension every time the advert plays. As such, the trust condom advert is arguably the most effective condom awareness campaign to air on Television.

Steps on How to Write an Ad Analysis Essay

The first step of writing an ad essay is to describe the product you have chosen to address in your essay. Even if the reader knows the product you have chosen to write about, you should analyze it extensively and introduce it as you own it. Ignore what the reader knows or doesn’t know about the product and explain every detail.

You do not have to agree with the advertisement’s intended message but make your claims and then back them with your arguments.

Additionally, reveal the subject matter on which you are examining the advertisement. And since there are different modes of advertisement, tell the audience why the company opted to go with that mode of advertisement.

Compare the current and the previous mode of advertisement by the company and its impact on the product market share. Advertisement analysis enables you to know the gaps in the market and strategies to seal those loopholes to beat the competitor.

You should make general comments in the essay so the reader can make a personal decision without your opinion influencing their judgment.

Different products have different target audiences in the market; therefore, you should use the correct method to convey your information. For instance, if your advertisement’s target audience is kids, try to use videos or animated images to catch their attention.

How to Conclude an Ad Analysis Essay     

You should summarize the product, the advertisement mode, and its impacts on the market. An ad essay conclusion should analyze the essay and summarize all the steps followed. Discuss whether the advertisement mode worked effectively for the product market share. It is a good place to address the cultural significance of the advert. What beliefs, attitudes, and value does the advertisement perpetuate? You can use real examples to help your analysis essay sound reasonable.


In the case of the Dunhill cigarette advertisement, the advert restates the notion that men should be independent and strong. The advert seems to endorse many stereotypical beliefs of how society expects a man to behave.

Common Topics for Essays on Advertising

  1. How does Nike meet the 5 principles of marketing?
  2. Who determines ethical standards for advertising?
  3. How does gender affect the perception of a particular ad?
  4. Describe the role of e-commerce in the modern world
  5. Discuss the impact of banning tobacco ads.
  6. Discuss the issue of sex and nudity in advertisements.
  7. Automotive ad analysis
  8. Digital signage benefits businesses.
  9. The objective and aim of the movie advertisement
  10. Importance of photo manipulation in ads
  11. Racial issues in the advertisement campaigns
  12. How does advertisement influence people’s behaviors?
  13. Coca-Cola advertisement analysis essay
  14. Sports marketing advertisement
  15. The exploitation of children in advertisement

An ad analysis essay has the same elements as a standard essay. The essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion, and the content of the essay should focus on the advertisement and its analysis. Use the steps discussed in this article to craft a good ad analysis essay.

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