Liberty BIBL 104 Quiz 4 – Paul sees believers as having three chief

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1. Paul sees believers as having three chief duties. One of these duties is towards the

Answer:  the Government.

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2. According to the textbook, Paul reminds the Thessalonians that their fellow believers who have died will all be resurrected and translated (glorified) together, to be with Christ forever.

Answer: True

3. The church at Thessalonica was founded by Paul during his first missionary journey.


4. _____________ emphasizes the coming judgment on the enemies of Christ and focuses on Satan, the Antichrist, and the world.


5. Epistles are the most common literary form in the New Testament. They are “occasional” letters; that is, they were designed to deal with specific situations.

Answer: True

6. 1 Timothy can be divided into two sections. The first section deals with _____________ while the second section deals with personal instructions.


7. According to the textbook, of all the cities where Paul ministered, perhaps the __________ had more evidence of Satanic activity and demonic oppression than any other place.

Answer: Ephesians

8. According to the textbook, Paul asserts in 2 Thessalonians that the Day of the Lord will not begin until the “man of lawlessness” (the Antichrist) is revealed.

Answer: True

9. Paul reminds the Colossians to focus on their heavenly standing because “you have been raised with the Messiah, seek what is above, where the Messiah is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on what is above.”


10. In the letter of ___________, Paul emphasized that believers can experience true joy by living out the mind of Christ within the body of Christ.

Answer: Philippians.

11. According to Paul in Romans, justification is the impartation of God’s righteousness in and through the believer to conform him progressively to the image of Jesus Christ.

Answer: true

12. In order to demonstrate the self-sacrifice and humility of Jesus, Paul boasted in his weakness rather than his strength in 2 Corinthians.

Answer: true

13. According to the textbook, Paul’s pastoral letters emphasize the importance of

Answer: Christian leadership

14. In Galatians, Paul’s conclusion was that “we are not children of the slave but of the free.” He makes this conclusion through allegorically explaining the stories of

Answer: Hagar

15. In 1 Timothy Paul argues that pastors should get paid but should not be appointed until they have proven they are of godly character.


16. According to Paul in Romans, the story of ____________ demonstrates that salvation and God’s righteousness are God’s gift through faith.

Answer: Abraham.

17. In 2 Thessalonians Paul assures the believers that God will take vengeance on their persecutors and will be glorified over them at the end of the age.

Answer:  True.

18. First Corinthians is a pastoral letter to a local church from a father addressing his spiritually erring children

Answer: True

19. At the bottom of all the problems addressed in First Corinthians was a self-serving, indulgent attitude. This attitude stood in contrast to the death of Christ as a self-giving sacrifice for the sins of others.


20. __________ is a short and extremely practical book that is focused primarily on church ministry and, secondarily, on Christian discipleship.

Answer: 1 Timothy 2 Timothy

21. Some scholars believe that the absence of personal greetings in Ephesians suggests that neither did Paul found the church in Ephesus nor did he know anyone in the church.

Answer: false.

22. Paul and Epaphras visited Colossae and founded the church in Colossae after ministering in Ephesus.

Answer: False

23. __________ was Philemon’s runaway slave from Colossae who encountered Paul in Rome.

Answer: Onesimus

24. One of Paul’s principal achievements was that he wrote thirteen books of the New Testament, which are a primary source of theological information

Answer: FALSE

25. The Roman church consisted of both Jews and Gentiles, but the majority were Jews.

Answer: :False

26. In First Corinthians, Paul contrasted the permanence of love to the temporary nature of

Answer: spiritual gifts.

27. Paul founded the church in Rome on his first missionary journey.


28. In the first section of Romans Paul shows that _____________ are under condemnation.

Answer:Sinful Humanity.”.

29. In Romans Paul shows that the whole world is under sin and therefore guilty before God.

Answer: True.

30. _____________, a wealthy businessman who lived in Colossae, owned slaves, and the church met in his house.

Answer: Philemon

31. In Colossians, Paul explains that true biblical wisdom was based on Old Testament truth, but now it is even more “fully known” through Christ’s Apostles.


32. In Philemon, Paul tells Philemon to receive back his runaway slave “on the basis of love.” Paul is suggesting Philemon not only forgive his crimes but also give Onesimus his freedom.


33. In Romans Paul shows that all are accountable and no one can be justified by his own good works, with or without the law.

Answer: True

34. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians deal with the challenges of Christians living in a hostile culture.

Answer: true. 

35. According to Paul in 1 Thessalonians, the will of God for the Thessalonian believers is that they might be progressively sanctified and have a strong hope for the future.

Answer: True

36. In Colossians, Paul said Christ fulfilled the law, thus keeping the obligations of the law is no longer necessary because Christ took “it out of the way by nailing it to the cross.”


37. In Philemon, Paul pleads with Philemon to take Onesimus back and forgive him for both the crimes of stealing and running away because “you owe me over and above your very soul.”

Answer: True

38. In order to “not carry out the desire of the flesh,” Paul urges the Galatians to

Answer: serve one another through love

39. In First Corinthians, the Corinthian believers boasted in their tolerance. Instead they should have dealt with this sin problem.

Answer: True

40. In Philippians Paul argues that true joy and peace are not contingent on circumstances but rather in knowing that an all-powerful and all-loving God is in control.


41. According to Paul in 2 Timothy, since God is perfect and all knowing, when He breathed inspiration on the Scriptures, they were perfect.


42. The book of Colossians can be divided into two section. The first section is a section of doctrine and the second section is a section on

Answer: duties

43. According to Paul in Galatians, the law locked imprisoned us, but provided no remedy. Only faith in Christ can atone for sin and free us from the law’s condemnation.


44. In Ephesians, Paul asserts that, while believers are the church and the bride, Christ is the Bridegroom.


45. In First Corinthians, Paul refused to answer any questions the Corinthians had until they had corrected their three current issues.

Answer: True

46. In Ephesian, Paul pictures believers as being “in Christ.” This is a special relationship with God because they are perfect in Christ.


47. According to Paul in Romans, sanctification includes the imputation of God’s righteousness by means of faith in Jesus Christ.


48. In the Corinthian church some believed in Christ’s resurrection but not in the resurrection of believers.


49. In Galatians, Paul uses ___________ as an example of one justified by faith.


50. In Colossians, Paul seems to sum up the Colossian heresy of gnosis calling it, “Philosophy and empty deceit based on human tradition, based on the elemental forces of the world.”


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