Liberty BIBL 104 Quiz 8 Part 2 – Jude’s reference to both Old Testament

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1. Jude’s reference to both Old Testament examples and those of Jewish non-canonical books indicate his readers were Jewish Christians.


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2. According to the textbook, the emphasis of Revelation is to assure us that Jesus is indeed, coming again.

Answer: True

3. The author of Hebrews explains what it means for Jesus to be the Mediator of a better covenant.

Answer: True

4. _____________ was the preoccupied church

Answer: Ephesus

5. The book of Hebrews contains 5 warnings. One of these warnings is

Answer: don’t shrink back in your confession.

OR don’t harden your heart but enter God’s rest.

6. James warns believers about

Answer: friendship with the world

NOT: wolves in sheep’s clothing

7. Almost half of the twenty-five verse in Jude share a similar thought, idea, or example with material from 2 Peter.

Answer: True

8. In 1 Peter believers are identified as

Answer: living stones.

9. ______________ was the putrid church.

Answer: Church of Laodicea.

10. In the seven trumpets of judgment the rivers are polluted by decomposing flesh.

Answer: False

11. The writer of Hebrews compares to Mountains: Mount ________ and Mount Zion.

Answer: Mount Sinai.

12. ____________ was the persecuted church.

13. In 1 John, John remind his audience what they already know, namely that they have a relationship with God.

Answer: True

14. In 1 John, John tell his audience not to be surprised by hatred from the world.


15. According to the writer of Hebrews, believers should stand firm in their confession because they have something those following Moses did not have. They have Jesus, the Son of God, as their Great High Priest.


16. James pictures the tongue as

Answer: a small fire that ignites a large forest

17. In James’ discussion on hearing and doing he uses the example of

Answer: a mirror

18. The author of Hebrews list several personal examples of faith. From this list select the one Biblical character that is not mentioned by the author of Hebrews in Hebrews 11:1-40.

Answer: Aaron

19. According to 1Peter, believers should submit to every Christian institution in order to silence the unfounded criticism of unbelievers.

Answer: True.

20. Which of the following is not something John claimed about love in 1 John?

Answer: Love never fails.

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