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BIBL 104 Quiz 8 / Liberty University BIBL 104 Quiz 8

Part 2

· Question 1

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Jude’s reference to both Old Testament examples and those of Jewish non-canonical books indicate his readers were Jewish Christians.

· Question 2

According to the textbook, the emphasis of Revelation is to assure us that Jesus is indeed, coming again.

· Question 3

The author of Hebrews explains what it means for Jesus to be the Mediator of a better covenant.

· Question 4

_____________ was the preoccupied church

· Question 5

The book of Hebrews contains 5 warnings. One of these warnings is

· Question 6

James warns believers about

· Question 7

Almost half of the twenty-five verse in Jude share a similar thought, idea, or example with material from 2 Peter.

· Question 8

In 1 Peter believers are identified as

· Question 9

______________ was the putrid church.

· Question 10

In the seven trumpets of judgment the rivers are polluted by decomposing flesh.

· Question 11

The writer of Hebrews compares to Mountains: Mount ________ and Mount Zion.

· Question 12

____________ was the persecuted church.

· Question 13

In 1 John, John remind his audience what they already know, namely that they have a relationship with God.

· Question 14

In 1 John, John tell his audience not to be surprised by hatred from the world.

· Question 15

According to the writer of Hebrews, believers should stand firm in their confession because they have something those following Moses did not have. They have Jesus, the Son of God, as their Great High Priest.

· Question 16

James pictures the tongue as

· Question 17

In James’ discussion on hearing and doing he uses the example of

· Question 18

The author of Hebrews list several personal examples of faith. From this list select the one Biblical character that is not mentioned by the author of Hebrews in Hebrews 11:1-40.

· Question 19

According to 1Peter, believers should submit to every Christian institution in order to
silence the unfounded criticism of unbelievers.

· Question 20

Which of the following is not something John claimed about love in 1 John?

· Question 21

In 1 John, John remind his audience what they already know, specifically that God hears and grants their prayer requests.

· Question 22

___________ was the political church

· Question 23

The beast of the earth who is a false prophet is one of the seven symbolic players in the eschatological drama of the book of Revelation.

· Question 24

Hebrews begins by asserting that Jesus is greater than

· Question 25

In the seven seal judgments the white horse stands for war

· Question 26

In 3 John, John commends Demetrius for his good testimony but has a stern rebuke for Diotrophes.

· Question 27

1 John affirms that a person’s assurance of eternal life is not something to be experienced only after death, but it begins at the moment of salvation.

· Question 28

James argues that “Just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.”

· Question 29

According to the author of Hebrews, In light of what Jesus has done, believers should:

· Question 30

In 1 his first letter, Peter argues that believers have been redeemed from an empty way
of life and are transformed by the precious blood of Christ.

· Question 31

James gives five pictures to describe the dangers of the tongue.

· Question 32

According to 1 Peter, Christians viewed themselves “as God’s slaves.” This meant that they were truly free from the dominion of the world.

· Question 33

In 2 John, John relates that, those who taught this heresy were not abiding in a proper understanding of Christ and did not know God.

· Question 34

Which of the following is not one of the new things found in the eternal state?

· Question 35

According to our textbook, some feel that James’ teaching on faith and works runs counter to the teachings of

· Question 36

____________ was the prosperous church

· Question 37

In the seven trumpets of judgment a rain of fire burns the vegetation.

· Question 38

One reason that Paul may have authored Hebrews is that both Hebrews and Philippians mention the humiliation of Christ.

· Question 39

James uses two Old Testament illustrations to show the works of people who were saved by faith. One of these is

· Question 40

According to 2 Peter, Christians are given everything needed for “life and godliness” by the grace of God.

· Question 41

According to Peter in 1 Peter, the new birth assures the believer of an inheritance that is imperishable, kept in heaven, and “protected by God’s power.

· Question 42

According to the textbook, the end of Revelation spells out twelve new things in the eternal state.

· Question 43

According to the textbook, after the millennium Satan is released and attempts a final revolt of unbelievers who were born during the millennial years.

· Question 44

Jude directs his readers to “contend for the church that was instituted for the communion of the saints and the salvation of the world.”

· Question 45

The author of Hebrews was a commoner who was not an eloquent speaker and/or writer.

· Question 46

In 1 Peter believers are identified as

· Question 47

Jesus was not of the Levitical priesthood descended from the Levites but is God’s Son, and “a high priest forever in the order of Melchizedek”

· Question 48

In 1 John, John remind his audience what they already know, specifically that false teachers are seeking to “scratch their itchy ears.”

· Question 49

In light of what Jesus has done, the author encourages his audience to:

· Question 50

According to the author of Hebrews, the earthly tabernacle allowed limited access to

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