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Question 1

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Can sexual orientation be studied experimentally?

Developmentalists can use animals and manipulate the levels of prenatal hormonal exposure;
A widely used experimental design to study sexual orientation is to administer a placebo to pregnant women. Women who believe to have taken a drug elevating their testosterone level, are more likely to have girls who later on show higher preference for female than male partners.
No experimental paradigms are ever possible to study sexual orientation.
Some researchers have been able to manipulate human infants’ hormonal prenatal exposure.
Question 2

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Gender identity refers to ____________________________

a sense of maleness or femaleness
whether the person is biologically born to be a male or a female.
identity that one’s society assign to a person
gender equality
Question 3

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Can gender-related behavior be affected by biology?

No, when a person accepts his or her gender identity, no other factors can influence this person’s gender-related behavior.
No, gender-related behavior is only affected by the societal norms that dictate how each gender has to behave.
Yes, a large body of empirical evidence shows that gender-related behavior is a product of our biology.
Yes, some studies have shown that hormonal levels can affect gender-related behavior.

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