One role of marketing communications in the problem recognition stage

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1. One role of marketing communications in the problem recognition stage of the purchase decision-making process is to:

A. alert the company about problems in conveying a message to target consumers.

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B. resolve consumer problems with customer service outreach.

C. remind consumers of existing needs.

D. help distribution partners identify product availability problems.

E. educate consumers about features and benefits.

Answer:remind consumers of existing needs

2.Relevance is a critical criterion in formulating a value claim for a positioning statement. The makers of Cialis, an erectile dysfunction (ED) drug, are considering a value claim that it “enhances intimacy and relationship.” To assess the relevance of this claim, Cialis must determine if the claim:

A. is unique among value claims of competitor brands.

B. aligns with the specific needs of the target market.

C. can be endorsed by an authority figure or a celebrity.

D. is supportable by scientific evidence.

Answer: aligns with the specific needs of the target market.

3.When competing against other energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster, 5-Hour Energy is thinking through how to get its brand to occupy a clear, distinctive, and desirable place in its target customers’ minds. What problem is it trying to solve?

A. Promotion

B. Targeting

C. Segmentation

D. Positioning

E. Competition

Answer: Positioning

4. Four types of distribution channels are commonly used by B2B (business-to-business) firms. From the following list, choose the channel that is most appropriate when buyers are geographically concentrated, offerings are complex, and orders are relatively high-priced.

A. Direct sales personnel

B. Manufacturers’ representatives

C. Brokers

D. Distributors

Answer: Direct sales personnel

5.Compared to consumer marketing managers, B2B (business-to-business) product managers spend less time on:

A. Product design

B. Product development

C. Tracking product applications

D. Advertising and promotion

Answer: Advertising and promotion

6.Miller Lite Beer’s brand positioning establishes regular (as opposed to low-calorie) beers as the brand’s frame of reference for points of parity, which:

A. suggests that consumers classify the brand as similar in taste to regular beers.

B. helps consumers differentiate Miller Lite from competitive low-calorie beers.

C. allows Miller Lite to establish shared attributes with regular beers.

D. allows Miller Lite to identify points of difference versus regular beers.

E. means that all of these answer choices are correct.

Answer: suggests that consumers classify the brand as similar in taste to regular beers.

7. Based on consumer time spent using the media, in which area are US advertisers grossly underspending on advertising?

A. Print

B. Radio

C. Television

D. The Internet

E. Mobile media

Answer: Mobile media

8. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream buys keywords for a search marketing campaign such as “Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey” and “Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.” What type of keywords is the firm buying?

A. Negative keywords

B. Organic keywords

C. Native keywords

D. Generic keywords

E. Branded keywords

Answer:Branded keywords

9. After a few years of work in the marketing department of a small firm, you are placed in charge of the firm’s inbound marketing. What are you most likely to be in charge of?

A. The firm’s efforts in creating and placing television and print advertising

B. Creating content for and monitoring consumer actions on the firm’s social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter

C. Efforts of the firm to capture consumers no matter where they are

D. Ensuring that consumers can find the firm when they search for information on products and services

E. Creating display advertising, finding websites on which to place such advertising, and ensuring that inquiries made from such advertising are responded to properly.

Answer: Ensuring that consumers can find the firm when they search for information on products and services

10. During which stage in the buying process will an OBC (Organizational Buying Center) decide whether to make or buy the needed product?

A. Establish specifications and potential sources of supply

B. Need recognition and benefits sought

C. Request for proposals

D. Post-purchase evaluation

Answer: Establish specifications and potential sources of supply

11. Managers are trying to decide on which variables to use in segmenting and selecting a target audience for marketing communications about 5-Hour Energy-a potent energy drink. Which of the following variables are classified INCORRECTLY as demographic or psychographic bases of market segmentation?

A. Long-haul truck drivers and college students = demographic

B. Senior citizens (65 years and older) = psychographic

C. Individuals with an active lifestyle = psychographic

D. Consumers living on the West Coast with high household incomes = demographic

E. All of the answers are correct.

Answer: Senior citizens (65 years and older) = psychographic

12. Explain and give examples of each of the four key elements included in digital marketing. For each element, explain the flow of information between consumers and firms or organizations.

Answer: ACQUIRE : All the time owned is spent on building business goals , branding and website because attracting the right audience is important and it is necessary to make sure that it is achieved . Therefore , four sub-items can be used to draw attention . – Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) allows the company to stay ahead of its competitors when people use search terms related to a business . -Traffic acquisition is about how to attract new visitors to a specific website using either a free or paid method . Digital marketing_mktg410 2020 Harvard Business Publishing . All rights reserved . This material is authorized for use at Harvard Business Publishing , 2020 . Unauthorized duplication , distribution or posting is prohibited 

13.You are considering websites on which to place your online display advertising. Which of the following factors will NOT affect the price that the websites charge for advertising space?

A. The prestige of the website

B. The website’s traffic

C. All the factors listed affect the price that websites charge for advertising space.

D. The website’s social media tie-ins

E. The demographics of the users of the website

Answer: The website’s social media tie-ins


14. Sue has been shopping for a new computer, and she has diligently researched the various available brands. After evaluating the alternatives, she is considering purchasing a Dell computer. Which of the following is an example of marketing communications that Dell might use to prompt Sue in the next stage of her decision making-the purchase decision?

A. Television advertising that announces Dell’s newest computer model

B. In-store signage announcing a $500 rebate with the purchase of a Dell computer

C. Dell’s website offering a comparison chart that identifies differences in features among models

D. All of the answers are correct.

Answer: In-store signage announcing a $500 rebate with the purchase of a Dell computer

15. A major challenge in designing marketing communications is being able to grab the attention of the target audience in a crowded media field. Which of the following factor(s) contribute to creating this challenge?

A. Fragmentation of mass media

B. Proliferation of alternative ways to reach consumers

C. Increasing skepticism of consumers in receiving marketers’ messages

D. Desire of consumers to co-create the meaning of brands

E. All of the answers are correct.

Answer:All of the answers are correct.

16. A manufacturer of women’s fashion accessories hopes to improve its brand image by upgrading the leather it uses in handbags and gloves. When the firm buys the better quality leather, it will be engaged in which of the following types of purchases?

A. Straight rebuy

B. New task

C. Modified rebuy

D. Image purchasing


17. Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners, who pay a price premium for their motorbikes, have formed the Harley Owners Group (HOGs), whose members take motorcycle rides and road trips together. These owners also derive satisfaction by being able to express their individuality and nonconformity through the Harley bikes that they own. Based on these factors, these owners are deriving which types of value from the Harley-Davidson brand?

A. Functional and social value

B. Economic and experiential value

C. Experiential and social value

D. Functional and economic value

Answer: c . Experiential and social value

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