Penn foster exam 700426RR

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1. Which of the following is an example of resourcefulness?

A. Asking your boss for the answer to a question

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B. Asking others to take on a project

C. Waiting to take action until you have more resources

D. Discovering a quick way to handle a new problem

Answer: Discovering a quick way to handle a new problem

2. Someone who wants to learn a skilled trade on the job should consider

A. an apprenticeship.

B. attending a four-year college.

C. online learning.

D. community college.

Answer: an apprenticeship.

3. Which of the following is an example of a fixed expense?

A. Entertainment

B. Food

C. Rent

D. Clothing

Answer: Rent

4. The factor that has the greatest impact on your credit score is

A. payment history.

B. types of credit in use.

C. number of credit inquiries.

D. total amount owed.

Answer: payment history.

5. Which of the following would not be a good person to include when networking?

A. A friend that works for a company you would like to be hired in

B. A teacher or supervisor that you worked well with in the past

C. Family members working in various career clusters

D. The CEO of a company that you admire but haven’t met

Answer: Family members working in various career clusters

6. If you’re trying to reduce your debt, which of these expenses should you consider cutting out or cutting back on first?

A. School

B. Dining out

C. Utilities

D. Rent

Answer: Dining out

7. Which of the following is a good question to ask during an informational interview?

A. “What was your education/ training path?”

B. “Can you please help me get a job at your company?”

C. “What is your salary?”

D. “How much vacation time do you get?”

Answer: What was your education/ training path?”

8. Which of the following attributes of a website indicates a more reliable source for information?

A. Site contains spelling/grammar errors

B. Site ends in “.edu”

C. No sources cited

D. Author’s information is not listed

Answer: Site ends in “.edu”

9. _______ is a way to minimize technical problems with your computer.

A. Avoiding use of disk cleanup tools

B. Saving work infrequently

C. Downloading programs from unknown or unverified websites

D. Following proper shutdown processes

Answer:D. Following proper shutdown processes

10. Which of the following is an example of a want versus a need?

A. Cable TV

B. Insurance

C. Food

D. Shelter

Answer: Cable TV

11. Which of the following best represents positive self-talk?

A. “I’ve tried. I just can’t do it.”

B. “Nothing ever goes right.”

C. “It’s just not my day.”

D. “I’m making progress.”

Answer: “I’m making progress.”

12. In Microsoft Word, when you highlight existing text you want to replace, you’re in

A. basic mode.

B. automatic mode.

C. insert mode.

D. typeover mode.

Answer: insert mode.

13. Software that people commonly use in the workplace to make their lives easier is called

A. productivity software.

B. system software.

C. a computer programming tool.

D. device software.

Answer: productivity software.

14. Software that interprets commands from the keyboard and mouse is also known as the

A. operating disk.

B. desktop.

C. operating system.

D. hard drive.

Answer: operating system.

15. Which of the following programs provides high quality training and safety, union agreements, hundreds of hours of on-the-job training, and an opportunity to earn money while working and learning?

A. Online learning

B. Community college

C. Apprenticeships

D. Four-year college

Answer: . Apprenticeships

16. Someone who is young, lacks funds, and really wants to gain technical skills while serving his or her nation should consider

A. an apprenticeship.

B. attending a four-year college.

C. joining the military.

D. online learning.

Answer: joining the military.

17. All of the following are characteristics of SMART goals except

A. measurable.

B. attainable.

C. without limits.

D. specific.

Answer: without limits.

18. Building relationships during your career exploration is called

A. clustering.

B. future casting.

C. matchmaking,

D. networking.

Answer: networking.

19. Which of the following is a good way to improve your credit score?

A. Pay your bills on time.

B. Move debt around frequently.

C. Don’t allow balances to get to zero.

D. Apply for several credit cards.

Answer: Pay your bills on time.

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