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Question 1

1. Which is not a responsibility of a county government?

A. Regulate local National Guard

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B. Maintain school buildings

C. Execute welfare programs

D. Vote on taxes

Question 2

2. Suppose you walk into the Capitol in Washington and ask to interview the most prominent person in the entire Congress. If they accept, you’ll get an appointment with the

A. chair of the House Appropriations Committee.

B. president pro tempore of the Senate.

C. Speaker of the House.

D. vice president of the United States.

Question 3

3. In a felony case, the purpose of a grand jury is to

A. decide if the offender should be tried by a jury.

B. judge on a civil indictment.

C. judge the merits of the case against the state constitution.

D. decide if the evidence warrants prosecution.

Question 4

4. The House of Representatives has the special power to

A. conduct a trial of impeachment if approved by the Senate.

B. vote to impeach a government official.

C. impeach a government official who has been found guilty by the Senate.

D. impeach members of the Senate, but not the House.

Question 5

5. Which of the following choices best represents the organization of the executive branch of government?

A. President, Supreme Court, Congress

B. Congress, bicameral, judicial

C. Senate, president, legislature

D. President, executive departments, individual federal agencies

Question 6

6. The Senate power of advice and consent does not apply to

A. federal judges.

B. the chief justice.

C. ambassadors.

D. executive orders.

Question 7

7. Which of the following is not a power of the United States Congress?

A. Regulating commerce between the states

B. Enforcing immigration laws

C. Establishing and paying for the armed forces

D. Levying and collecting taxes

Question 8

8. In legislative terms, a bill is a proposal

A. for any law.

B. made in the Senate.

C. that has reached committee for debate.

D. made in the House of Representatives.

Question 9

9. A _______ can be used in the Senate to stop a bill from being passed.

A. committee of the whole

B. filibuster

C. cloture

D. rules committee

Question 10

10. Suppose Bill HR612 is currently in Congress. One thing you know about this bill is that it

A. has been vetoed by the president.

B. has no riders attached.

C. is currently in committee.

D. originated in the House of Representatives.

Question 11

11. Suppose you have the job of assigning the proper number of House of Representatives seats for various states. To do that, you must know the _______ in that state.

A. population

B. apportionment

C. number of districts

D. number of counties

Question 12

12. One factor determining the number of representatives for a given congressional district is the distribution of _______ within the state.

A. jobs

B. registered voters

C. population

D. wealth

Question 13

13. The _______ in the House can limit the amount of time to debate a bill.

A. rules committee

B. speaker

C. committee of the whole

D. discharge petition

Question 14

14. Which of the following is a similarity between the United States Constitution and all state constitutions?

A. A bicameral legislature

B. A Bill of Rights

C. Requirements to local governments

D. Executives called presidents

Question 15

15. Regarding the federal court system, which of the following statements is false?

A. Each of the 12 regional circuits has a court of appeals.

B. The U.S. Tax Court is a special federal court.

C. Federal court districts never cross state lines.

D. The Supreme Court hears most of the cases brought to it on appeal.

Question 16

16. The system of checks and balances failed under Andrew Jackson when he

A. acted against a ruling of the Supreme Court.

B. passed the Wagner Act.

C. failed to repeal the Patriot Act.

D. declared war without a declaration of war from Congress.

Question 17

17. The right to remain silent when arrested or interrogated is guaranteed under

A. the Fifth Amendment.

B. Marbury v. Arizona.

C. the First Amendment.

D. Roe v. Wade.

Question 18

18. When the US census is completed, each state is notified how its population affects its number of congressional districts. This process is called _______.

A. apportionment

B. cloture

C. checks and balance

D. judicial review

Question 19

19. To force a bill out of committee, a/an _______ petition must be signed by a majority of the representatives.

A. amendment

B. release

C. discharge

D. calendar

Question 20

20. Most House business is conducted within the Committee of the Whole because this arrangement

A. guarantees a quorum.

B. ensures cloture.

C. doesn’t require a quorum.

D. prevents filibusters.

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