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BUS375 Project Management

Quiz 5

Question 1The earned value of a project is the

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Question 2 The final step in the project control process for measuring and evaluating project performance is to

Question 3 Of the following costs, which are NOT included in baseline?

Question 4 The start of a task may be moved on a Tracking Gantt due to

Question 5 The third step in the project control process for measuring and evaluating project performance is to

Question 6 Sally receives the following information on her project: PV = 100, AC = 75, EV = 100. How well is the project doing in terms of budget?

Question 7 Nancy tells her supervisor that as of right now, $1.05 worth of work has been accomplished for each $1 worth of scheduled work. Nancy got this information from viewing the

Question 8 The value that tells you the planned value of work that has actually been completed is the

Question 9 Jessica just received the following information on her project: PV = 200, EV = 300, AC = 250, BAC = 1500, EAC = 1208. In terms of cost at completion.

Question 10 A reason that the duration on a task may differ from an original duration on a Tracking Gantt chart could be

Question 11 Each retrospective is assigned a(n) ________, typically a team member who is very interested in and familiar with the retrospective. This individual will serve as the contact point for anyone needing information relating to the retrospective.

Question 12 When conducting post-project audits, this is one of the main tools that a facilitator uses.

Question 13 Project closures can fall into all of the following categories EXCEPT

Question 14 An analysis carried out during and shortly after the project life cycle that attempts to capture positive and negative learning is represented in which of the following?

Question 15 The purpose of project evaluation is to assess how well

Question 16 The following are distinguishing characteristics of retrospectives methodology EXCEPT

Question 17 ________ of lessons learned are designed to improve performance on current and future projects.

Question 18 Which part of the final report is designed to be the most useful on future projects?

Question 19 Which of the following summarizes project performance and provides useful information for continuous improvement?

Question 20 Which part of the final report presents major improvement actions that should be made?

Question 21 A learning approach to teach cross-cultural fluency that involves raising affective responses by the trainer to elicit cultural insights is known as the

Question 22 If a construction company in Dallas builds a bridge in Houston, the project would be classified as

Question 23 Government corruption and political stability are examples of which of the following environmental factors?

Question 24 When you begin to lose confidence in your ability to communicate and work effectively in the different culture, you are in which of the following stages of culture shock?

Question 25 Concern about the local restrictions on toxic waste would be classified as which of the following environmental factors?

Question 26 Which of the following is NOT true of a development team using Scrum methodology?

Question 27 Agile methods can be used on larger scale projects in which several teams are working on different features at the same time. In practice this condition is called

Question 28 Specific features are created using Scrum methodology according to four distinct phases. Which of the following places these phases in the correct order?

Question 29 When considering traditional versus agile project management, all of the following are part of the agile project management model EXCEPT

Question 30 The ________ is the customer’s prioritized list of key features desired when the project is completed.

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