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Question 1 . 1 .  (TCO 6) Aristotle said that extreme democracies, pure oligarchies, or tyrannies can develop from what cause? (Points : 3)

Communities where some possess much

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Communities where some have nothing

All of the above

None of the above

Question 2 . 2 .  (TCO 6) Which of the following is most consistent with the idea of a social contract? (Points : 3)

Government should be limited to ensure individual freedom .

Individuals join and stay in civil society .

Citizens prefer solitary lives to living in groups .

Citizens are more concerned with their own social situations than the community .

Question 3 . 3 .  (TCO 6) Which of the following is most consistent with the concept of the “general will” according to Rousseau? (Points : 3)

Creating a park for the citizens to enjoy

Using public dollars so that some citizens can attend private schools

Offering tax breaks to one auto manufacturing plant

Low turnout in elections

Question 4 . 4 .  (TCO 6) Karl Marx used the term _____ to refer to everything built on top of the economy .  (Points : 3)

the social contract




Question 5 . 5 .  (TCO 6) According to Karl Marx, what would likely replace capitalism? (Points : 3)





Question 6 . 6 .  (TCO 6) Which statement best applies to Adam Smith? (Points : 3)

His views began as conservative, but are now associated with modern liberalism .

His views were once considered liberal, but are now promoted by conservatives .

His views have always been advocated by liberals .

Marxists promoted his views because of concerns of the proletariat .

Question 7 . 7 .  (TCO 6) Thomas Hill Green might agree with which of the following? (Points : 3)

No one is forced to take a job he or she doesn’t like .

Unions are necessary to protect workers against business owners .

Taxes should benefit business owners because they allow owners to hire more workers .

Markets regulate themselves .

Question 8 . 8 .  (TCO 6) Where do modern conservatives diverge from Adam Smith? (Points : 3)

Adam Smith was resolute in his belief that markets produced fair outcomes, whereas modern conservatives are not .

Adam Smith believed government could help regulate market, but modern conservatives do not .

Modern conservatives believe government can help regulate markets, but Adam Smith did not .

Modern conservatives are resolute in their beliefs that markets are fair, but Adam Smith acknowledged that they could be unfair .

Question 9 . 9 .  (TCO 6) Libertarians would like the original thoughts of _____ .  (Points : 3)

Karl Marx

Adam Smith

T .  H .  Green


Question 10 . 10 .  (TCO 6) Which of the following assisted Germany and Italy in their war efforts? (Points : 3)

Disenchantment with socialism

Appeals to the citizens based on extreme nationalistic views

Unequal distribution of resources domestically and abroad

A revolt against the dominant world powers



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