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Question 1

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 3) What group or groups do interest groups overrepresent?

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The wealthy and specialized interest groups

Businesses and nonprofit organizations

The wealthy and businesses

The larger interest groups and specialized interest groups

Question 2

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(TCO 3) Why did the 2010 healthcare reform bill contain no provision for public insurance options?

The insurance industry blocked the Democrats’ efforts for a public option.

The people had no desire for a public option.

Democrats were not interested in a public option.

Farmers, heavily invested in the insurance industry, blocked them

Question 3

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(TCO 3) A great deal of legislation originates in _____.

economic downturns

corporate boardrooms

specialized agencies


Question 4

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(TCO 3) In countries where _____, the courts become an arena of interest-group contention.

public defenders are unavailable

the rule of law is strong

judges have little power

the rule of law is weak

Question 5

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 3) By welcoming new groups into their ranks, parties _____.

rob those groups of their individual interests and concerns

give groups a pragmatic and psychological stake in the overall political system

establish a monocultural dependence on the party system

enhance political hegemony by disenfranchising voters outside of these groups

Question 6

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 3) Why does proportional representation (PR) allow and even encourage parties to split?

PR systems assign parliamentary seats in proportion to the percentage of votes in that district.

PR systems designate representation on a flat regional basis.

PR systems allow only a simple plurality to win.

Voters in PR systems tend to be less loyal to their parties.

Question 7

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 3) Today’s voters tend to be _____ loyal to their parties compared to the past.





Question 8

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 3) _____ gives people a stake in election outcomes, and education raises levels of interest and sophistication.

Life in the suburbs

Family tradition


High income

Question 9

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 3) What was the relationship between African American voting rates and Barack Obama’s run for president?

African American voting rates rose to those of white voters as African American income and education levels rose.

African American voting rates unexpectedly remained far below those of white voters as African American income and education levels remained steady.

African American voting rates rose to those of Hispanic voters as African American income and education levels rose.

African American voting rates fell unexpectedly below those of white voters despite African American income and education levels rising.

Question 10

3 / 3 pts

(TCO 3) Why is it that in most of the world, cities have higher turnouts than rural areas?

Partly because those who live rurally tend to feel less enfranchised

Partly because urbanites have higher education levels on average

Partly because people who have lived in the same place are less likely to vote than are transients or newcomers

Partly because men tend to vote more than women

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