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J. H. Mansart: Saint-Louis-des-Invalides is notable

Ques 1.J. H. Mansart: Saint-Louis-des-Invalides is notable for its ____________.

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a.overlapping planes

b.clerestory windows

c.triple-shell dome

d.deep foundation

Ques 2.During the Baroque period in England _____________ was considered Brittan’s greatest architect.

a.Inigo Jones

b.Christopher Wren

c.Roger Pratt

d.Francois Mansart

Ques 3.According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Baroque architecture, the construction of Vaux le Vicomte was said to have employed almost eighteen thousand workers and cost as much as sixteen million pounds. It was necessary to demolish three villages and move countless tons of earth to make way for the project.

a.The displaced villagers were then employed in the

b.upkeep and maintenance of the gardens

c.maintenance of the kitchen and general household

d.nearby city of Paris

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