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REL2300 World Religions

Module 12 Quiz

Question 1

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When the Fifth Guru first compiled Sikh hymns and the poems of Hindu and Muslim saints, the text was called the

Nanak ka Nam

Adi Gobind

Guru Granth Sahib

Adi Granth

Question 2

All of the following are among the three central teachings of Guru Nanak, except

work hard in society to earn one’s own honest living.

accept one’s caste distinctions without complaint.

share from one’s earnings with those who are needy.

remember at all times that God is the only Doer.

Question 3

The free community kitchen was established to help spread the religion.



Question 4

Female initiates into the Khalsa take the surname of Kaur.



Question 5

There is tension today between orthodox Sikhs and dera Sikhs because

orthodox Sikhs do not believe in conversion.

orthodox Sikhs use tables and chairs at langar.

dera Sikhs worship their own gurus.

dera Sikhs do not believe in the Adi Granth.

Question 6

Ik Onkar is a concept that affirms Sikhism as

a monotheistic religion.

a community of musicians.

a community of ascetics.

a new religious movement.

Question 7

There was eventually a total of fifteen Sikh Gurus, all of whom were thought to be transmitting the spiritual light of Nanak.



Question 8

Guru Gobind Singh ended the line of bodily succession to Guruship because

He died before he could name a succesor.

The emperor commanded that there be no succesor.

He transferred the authority to Guru Granth Sahib.

God mandated to Guru Singh that there should be no more Gurus.

Question 9

Sikhism’s major focus is on serving the poor.



Question 10

You overhear a Sikh and a Hindu discussing their traditions’ theologies. On which beliefs would you expect them to agree?

sin and punishment

karma and reincarnation

God and the gurus

caste system and equality

Question 11

The Sikh congregation is called a


fellowship of believers



Question 12

In Sikhism, public worship takes place in a building called a





Question 13

Who founded Sikhism

Guru Punjab

Guru Nanak

Guru Singh

Guru Gobind

Question 14

Guru Gobind Singh formed the Khalsa in response to the martyrdom of the Ninth Guru.



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