Persuasive Essay: Strengthening Community

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Many factors cause stress in our communities and many changes challenge them to adapt. Interested in help writing an essay on strengthening the community? Research papers for cheap prices got you covered. These range from violence in schools to new forms of communication such as social media. Is it possible for one individual to take action that would strengthen his or her community?
Choose either the positive or negative response (“Yes, it is possible” or “No, it is not possible.”) Write a well-organized persuasive essay in which you support your position and explain why it is the case.

Is it possible for one individual to take an action that would strengthen their community?

An individual can successfully take an action that would mark the start of a revolutionized community in the society within which they live. A community consists of different people with diverse interests, personalities, religious beliefs, and cultural practices and thus it would take collective effort to build it up. However, there have been instances where one individual has changed a community’s whole perception towards something. For instance, slavery in the past got condemned by great individuals such as Marcus Garvey who championed against it. Great individuals like Thomas Jefferson attempted to take an untested path in America and championed for independence and eventually their efforts bore fruits when he drafted the Declaration of Independence in the United States. The community is a collective unit of individuals but it still requires an individual to ensure that a course for change gets initiated in order to strengthen it. For one single individual to take initiative and strengthen the community however, it takes a deep understanding of the issues affecting the community as well as creativity and pro-activeness to begin the change that other individuals in the same community would later on appreciate.

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In the case of the problem of violence in schools for instance, an individual could begin an initiative that could help the situation progressively disappear, albeit not in its totality. The cases of violence in schools in the United States and the world over has increased and it has grown to become a global concern. An individual could begin a social medial initiative to lobby against gun laws especially in the United States where gun laws are controlled by right wing republicans. A change in gun laws would ensure that the use and possession of guns and other firepower gets strictly monitored and regulated to prevent outside attacks in schools. In most cases, external gunmen have invaded schools and killed and injured several students due to the less stringent gun laws in the country. The social media initiative to show concerns on the current gun laws would attract global attention and eventually the U.S government would do something about the same. The use of social media by an individual to lobby against gun laws and violence in school would suffice to form part of the individual effort to strengthen one’s community.

In the gun laws issue specifically, an individual could cite the ever increasing violence in the U.S. to make the society see the need to urgently adopt stricter laws on gun possession. Noteworthy, the U.S. experiences cases of mass shootings almost on a yearly basis and this is enough reason for policy makers in the country to consider looking into the matter. In this regard, an individual could start a Facebook page or even a YouTube channel where they would speak persuasively about the need to strengthen gun laws. In doing this, they could cite recent data about the mass shootings that have taken place across the nation in the past few years. They could also try to convince the public and policy makers why adopting stricter gun laws is the surest way to effectively address the problem of mass shootings and misuse of guns in the hands of civilians.

Also, an individual could broadcast videos covering violence in schools for instance the recent scare at a school in California to get the general public realize the essence of controlling the menace. Individual initiative and effort to strengthen the community need not be huge or have a big instantaneous impact, even a little effort that later on changes the community suffices. An individual can also begin a program in schools to educate the students on safety measures in the case of an attack and they could even perform a drill to effect the same. Even though the program would not produce instant results, the number of lives and injuries saved in case of another attack would be enormous. The initiative would also ensure schools take notice and introduce security measure to curb the threat of attacks and violence in schools. The change in gun legislation, the adoption of better precautionary and safety measures by schools, as well as the equipment of crisis skills for students during an attack would change the whole scope of violence in schools all because of the efforts of one individual. In case the individual would have relaxed and failed to act then the violence would still continue in these schools following this hypothetical case. It then follows that the greatest effort a community would have is the effort from one individual concerned about its continuity, safety, and morality.

Finally, the case of the recent generation of teenagers and the numerous vices present in the society requires an individual’s effort and initiative to strengthen the community. The U.S. and world society at large has reached an era where drug and substance abuse is rampant as well as different forms of vices over the internet such as pornography and cyber-bullying present. An individual in the group mostly vulnerable to these vices (youths) would go a long way to ensure the reformation and the strengthening of a society that is fast losing its moral fabric. Social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube could prove very useful to aid other teenagers avoid such vices. An individual could establish a Facebook page for instance where they discuss the benefits of living healthy lifestyles, and staying away from drug and substance abuse. The Facebook page could also provide alternative options for his/her fellow youths to utilize their free time to engage in such beneficial or useful activities as going for hikes or engaging in community outreach programs so as to reduce the amount of idle time that they mostly use to engage in drug abuse and other destructive behaviors. From the above, it is clear that change or reformation or strengthening of a community needs not to happen collectively but it could get initiated and accomplished by one individual.

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