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1: The ‘Woman of Willendorf’ can best be associated with

Answer: the Mother Goddess and fertility

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2:The ‘engraved ochre’ from Blombos Cave, South Africa, is described as a work of art (rather thana mere artifact) because of its inscribed diamond-shape decoration

Answer: False

3:The repeated, stylized animal decorations on the earthenware beaker from Iran is evidence of

Answer: stratified systems of labor and commerce

4:Two million years ago, the first stone tools helped our ancestors to

Answer: gain some control over their environment

5:Prehistoric art primarily features male hunters, more than any other subject

Answer: True

6: Handprints as ‘signatures’ in cave art have been found in different parts of the world, including Europe and South America

Answer: True

7: The cave painting Rhinos in Motion is best described an example of the ways in which paleolithic artists attempted to

Answer: activate’ the animals in their paintings and show them as alive and moving

8. The Hall of Bulls, Lascaux Cave, presents the animals on a ‘ground line’

Answer: False

9. The little nude figure of a woman, the Hohle Fels figure, was an amulet worn like a necklace and was probably associated with life and fertility

Answer: True

10. Your instructor for this course has argued that Old Stone age societies were matriarchic, or dominated by female authority

Answer: True

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