UOF MUL2010 Module 4 Quiz

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1. Name two similarities between the jalolu and the blues.

Firstly, the similarity between the jalolous and the blues would be the relationship with a singer and an accompanying instrument. The jalolu sang and played the kora. Blues singers, like B.B. King, would sing and play the guitar. Secondly, the similarity would be social values and style. They both have a storytelling format and utilize improvisation. They also used call and response format in their songs

2. The most common blues form is the ____­bar blues.

A. 8

B. 12

C. 32

D. 16

Answer: 12

3. The blues began

A. in New Orleans

B. in 1920s

C. in the urban north

D. as a rural Mississippi delta tradition in the 19th century

Answer: as a rural Mississippi delta tradition in the 19th century

4. An important African­ American composer of symphonic music who incorporated elements of the blues into his first symphony was

A. Maurice Ravel

B. William Grant Still

C. Duke Elington

D. Leonard Bernstein

Answer: William Grant Still

5. Béla Bartók’s Allegro Barbaro contains examples of

A. Habanera

B. ostinato

C. Cuban dance

Answer: ostinato

6. This composer is thought of as a jazz musician, yet he wrote works for Broadway, theatrical dance, and the concert hall.

A. Juan tizol

B. Salif keita

C. William Grant Still

Answer: William Grant Still

7. A jali is a West African storyteller who uses a 21­string chordophone, called a _______, to accompany important cultural stories

A. harp

B. kora

C. Kecak

Answer: kora

8. The short, often ­repeated phrase sung by jali is known as

A. Birimintingo

B. ngoni

C. donkiro

D. sataro

Answer: donkiro

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