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Questions 1 – 4: Research Problem and Purpose. (For help with these questions, refer to chapters 2, 5, and 12)

Which choices below best reflect the problem statement for the instructor-assigned article?

Hospitalization can result in emotional distress for family members of patients.

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The convenience sample consisted of 30 persons.

To assess the feasibility of teaching a simple intervention to family members of patients in a Trauma ICU.

Scientific evidence of the effectiveness of aromatherapy and/or massage is scarce and typically weak.

  Which of the choices below best reflects the purpose statement for the instructor assigned article?

To evaluate the effect of a massage intervention on the feelings of family members.

This quasi-experimental pilot study was approved by the IRB at Texas Health Resources.

Aroma therapy and massage are common complimentary therapies.

Teaching family members to provide care for an acutely ill patient promotes feelings of empowerment.

  According to Grove, Gray, and Burns (2015), which of the following statements are important when considering the significance and relevance of a study’s problem and purpose?  (Select all that apply.)

Does it consider ethical principles in its design?

Does it address nursing research priorities?

Does it influence nursing practice?

Does it identify the population to whom they intend to generalize?

Does it promote theory testing or development?

Does it identify extraneous variables?


  When considering the feasibility of a study’s problem and purpose, Grove, Gray, and Burns (2015) suggest that several areas should be evaluated, including: researcher expertise, money commitment, ethical considerations, and availability of subjects, facilities, and equipment.   Which of the following statements accurately assesses the feasibility of this article? (select all that apply)

Funding sources for the study were not identified in the article.

The author’s credentials to design and conduct research are fully described. (p. 447)

Evidence of protection of the subjects’ rights was mentioned in this article. (p. 447)

100% of the eligible subjects contacted participated in the study.*


*does not applies because it was a convenience/ accidental sample


Questions 5 – 7: Review of the Literature.  (For help with these questions, refer to chapters 6 & 12.) According to Grove, Gray, and Burns (2015), which one of the following is NOT a major purpose of the review of literature (ROL):

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