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Question1. Workplace stress diminishes all of the following except_____.

a) positive emotions

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b) job satisfaction

c) organizational commitment

d) job performancee)job turnover

Question 2.Matt is frequently nervous, tense, and worried, both at work and at home. He likely scores low on which of the Big Five personality dimensions?

a) self-monitoring

b) conscientiousness

c) extroversion

d) openness to experience

e) emotional stability

Question 3.Which of the following is nota Big Five Personality dimension?

Question 4.People high in ______ are responsive to others’ social and interpersonal cues.

a) self-esteem

b) external locus of control

c) emotional intelligence

d) self-efficacy

e) agreeableness

Question 5.Organizational ______ tries to explain and predict workplace behavior to help managers better lead and motivate others

Question 6.Which of the following is nota distortion in perception?

a) causal attribution

b) stereotyping

c) halo effect

d) recency effect

e) cognitive dissonance

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