500 Word Essay Example: Sociology Research Paper – Engendering Sex and Gender

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500 Words Essay Example

Here is a 500 words essay example on sociology -engendering sex and gender. The essay has been formatted according to APA formatting guidelines.

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How to Write 500 Word Essay, With Outline

Sociology- Engendering Sex and Gender

Sex and gender have often got interpreted to mean one and the same thing by the prevalent societal notion on the same. Different perspectives interpret the two terms differently, ranging from the general popular opinion to the sociological perspective and finally the biological interpretation. Society has for a long time presumed that sex consists of only two categories namely male and female. Gender also has consequently got based on the two categories of sex and society recognizes two types of gender namely men and women. As observed by Rascoff (2015), the social norm has always enjoined sex and gender and therefore only the two types of gender exist, derived from the two categories of sex. Perhaps you would like to see a contrast and compare essay example?

Research however gives a newer dimension to the general social opinion on sex and gender by introducing the concept of the social construction of sex and gender besides the normal biological construction. Facebook, for instance, gave revised options of gender categories to include up to fifty-nine categories of gender while society knows of only two categories. The one additional category added by Facebook (the previous year had fifty-eight slots) is in the form of a blank space, and the individual has the option of filling in their preferred gender details. Facebook pulls apart sex, gender, and sexual orientation as three distinct concepts based on the sociological analysis. Sex includes the physical traits of a person, gender involves the social component of the individual while sexual orientation revolves around the sexual occurrence of the individual. Modern biologists have departed from the notion that sex exists in dichotomy, either male XY or female XX. Many scientists have increasingly embraced the concept of intersex but regard them as Disorders of Sex Differences (DSD) due to their rare occurrences. The implication here is that contrary to society’s belief that only two genders exist, their actually exist many different genders.

TThe occurrence of intersex in one out of one thousand births remains an unconvincing statistic, but society needs to get rid of the misconceptions surrounding intersex cases. Science distinguishes the two known sex categories to society and gives the third category as a disorder or deviance that has got wide acceptance. Mutation and several other biological factors might propel the increase in the number of intersex cases, and society needs to get embraced for this. The first step is to depart from the retrogressive way of thinking that only accounts for two sex categories. It denies other genders that already exist and those that might be discovered in the future the right of existence which they otherwise deserve. he article displays the general social norms, perception, and social inclination towards the notion of sex, gender, and sexual orientation existing as one vividly.

Society should embrace the empirical evidence presented by science and subscribe to the intersex category. Also, there remains need to separate the three concepts of sex, gender, and sexual orientation as they do not mean the same thing. Society should not be hasty in dismissing the definition of sexuality given by science that departs from the initial concept of the dichotomy of traits. The narrow spectrum of the definition of sex as either becoming a boy or a girl should change. Sexual orientation also varies depending on the genetic make-up and the hormones. These new developments in science bring a whole new perspective in defining sex, gender, and sexual orientation that is better than the current definition. The new approach gives a more precise definition by setting the three concepts on different paths. It presents them as three distinct concepts.


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As you can see from this example, writing a 500 words essay requires that you remain clear and succinct in your writing. Instructors usually expect you to manifest the ability to create and validate your opinions of the subject and topic understudy. You should demonstrate capacity to think independently while writing the 500 word essay, based on gained knowledge. Of course, the task might seem daunting at first, if you have never written such an essay in the past.

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