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A narrative essay is an essay type that has a central point or single repeated element in which the whole narrative rotates. The events, characters, incidents, and characters turn around a single element introduced in the narrative. A narrative essay can be imaginative or a real story.

A narrative essay has an equivalent format just as a straightforward six-paragraph essay, i.e., it should have an introduction, characters, climax, and conclusion. The only disparity is that a narrative essay has incidents, characters, and dialogues.

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A narrative essay can be compared to storytelling. The narrative essay is a story about your life, interest, experience, and so on. Narrative essays should induce the reader’s emotions; they can be factual or fictional.

You don’t criticize or try to persuade the reader with arguments in a narrative essay. The essay should show the reader the direction and leave them to conclude. In general, the purpose of a narrative essay should be to inform the reader. The mood of the report should be emotional and imaginative, and the style should be subjective and written in the 1st person.


A narrative essay has elements just like other academic papers.

1. Plot

A plot means the event discussed in the essay. For example, you can write how you learned to drive a vehicle and how it influenced your driving skills.

2. Settings

The setting describes where and when the event occurred, i.e., the time and location of the event. For example, you learned to drive in 2013 in x driving school in Nairobi.

3. Character

 A character is a promoter who drives your story. The main character is the protagonist, mainly described as the hero, while the antagonist is the central character who opposes the protagonist, mainly referred to as a villain.

4. Theme or Motif

The theme is the moral of the story. The theme is the main idea where the story focuses. It can be the central insight of the author or be the message the writer is trying to communicate in the story. For example, friendship, love, betrayal, or hate.

5. Point of View

The point of view refers to the perspective from which the story is told. It includes the first, and third-person narration.

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6. Symbolism

Symbolism is when the author uses symbols to represent qualities or ideas. It is a style of using indirect suggestions or mystical ideas to express emotions, thoughts, and state of mind.

7. Conflict

Conflict dictates the theme of a story; it is what affects the plot and motivates the characters.

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