ESL Homework Ideas That Will Have Students Begging for More

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ESL Homework Ideas

Students often dislike ESL homework since it increases their workload after school. In some curriculums, homework may be compulsory or not depending on the school rules. However, English homework is important since it assists extend students learning. The tips discussed here are useful in helping students to enjoy doing their homework.

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Catch a blockbuster

You can legitimately send students to the movies for homework while teaching ESL. Movies are useful for language development in plenty of ways. Students can do the following activities after watching an old movie or a new release;

  • Make a plot summary of the movie.
  • Note new vocabulary while watching the movie.
  • Write an interview with one character in the movie or role play with one student while a classmate interviews them.
  • Interchange ideas with a friend on a call about what they learned after watching the movie.
  • Make sticky notes and place them in designated positions in the classroom with the movie review.

You could also get creative with your movie-related homework assignments to ensure students enjoy doing the homework. You could also look for English assignment help free to assist you with tips on how to assign interesting movie homework.

 Observe humanity interest

There many extensive things you can learn by just observing people’s behavior in different places like restaurants, the mall, sporting events, public transportation, and a park. You can send your students to watch people as they interact and communicate to understand language.

  • Have students describe the people they see.
  • Ask students to listen to the dialogue and write about the new vocabulary they make note of.
  • Students can practice their writing skills by staring at someone and then narrating the story about that person to one classmate.

To make your lessons interesting, send students our to do people-watching and bring back what they learn to class.

 Cashless shopping

With a homework assignment, students do not have to spend cash to have fun in this mode of learning. You could send them to a store of their choice or a local mall. They will gain communication skills by talking to the salesperson to inform them what they are looking for and then get directions to that item in the store. Ask the students to take pictures of the items they observe and make a catalog of the products. You can then copy and distribute the catalogs to all students.

Let them spend time comparing the catalogs and get the one with the best sales. In this way, students will always be looking forward to your lessons and remind you whenever you forget to assign homework. Students should also learn the common mistakes to avoid when handling their English assignments.

Start some gossip

This may seem very abnormal but not when the stories are fabricated for language learning’s sake. Create a story and write it for one student or just get a random student to narrate a story to the rest of the class. For homework, the students will call their friends from different class and narrate the story to them. Then the one who was called can call another and narrate the same story such that it becomes like a chain of people passing on gossip. The following day you could assign a questionnaire to evaluate how much correct information was passed along.

Encourage the know-it-all students in the class

Give students chances to share what they care much about with the class. This can be done by having each student select something they care about and have vast knowledge in such that they consider themselves experts in that area. Ask the students to get five creative ways in which they can share must-know facts about that subject by either making a movie, writing a song, creating a poster, putting on a skit, and much more.

Have each student present their project to the class and allow the students a few minutes to question the presenter. Set parameters that enhance learning like students must speak in complete sentences. Students enjoy sharing their passions and they will learn a lot of skills including listening skills, speaking skills, and discourse information. Students will also get to know more types of verbs, vocabulary, and types of tenses from different sectors in every creative project. This is an interesting way to offer English help to your students without boring them with theoretical homework.

Meet new people

To start with, people are more than willing to help someone in need. For example, if you ask someone to assist you in completing your school assignment, it is very unlikely they will say no if it is in their power to do so. This is why sending students to interview native speakers is a fun activity for their homework. Assist your students to write a survey that they will use for their interview. You can select the topic of the interview or allow the students to select on like celebrity news, or leisure activities. After creating the survey, the students should learn the etiquette of how they will talk to the people they are going to interview.

You can write out an introduction based on the topic of discussion and have students practice it with each other in class. The students are now ready to go to interview the people and write the responses they get from them without having the interviewees write answers on the survey. The students can later assimilate the collected data and present it to the class.

Give a latte homework

Not everyone enjoys coffee but such an assignment is enjoyed by all people. Send your students to a coffee restaurant or shop to practice their listening and listening skills. Depending on your student’s level and the skills you want them to practice you might require them to do the following while at the restaurant;

  • Write a restaurant review or review the menu of that restaurant.
  • Listen to the communication of people in that restaurant and take note of the vocabulary and other interesting phrases or slang usage.
  • Practice conversation with the cashier or server to enhance their dialogue skills thus improve their communication skills generally.

This will ensure that your students always enjoy your homework and look-up for help with English homework less frequently unless wile extremely necessary.

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