Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity

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Describe how you have taken advantage of a significant educational opportunity

Sample Answer One

I still had a very vague sense of what I wanted to do with my life by my junior year. Without mentioning a specific job, I would stammer something about technology or biochemistry when pressed. Then I learned about the Women’s Technology Program at MIT, which aims to introduce high school girls who have minimal background in engineering and computer science to these subjects. I immediately applied, as is only natural, and somehow got approved.

I had no idea that I would fall in love with computer science so quickly when I first joined the program. I meticulously documented every class session with sheets of notes, then eagerly tackled the takeaway assignments in the evening. I remained up late in the computer laboratory most evenings to solve just an additional problem or add more functions to programs that were already finished. The tasks ranged from outputting “Hello world” to finishing a playable Tetris game. A program that made caustic comments at incorrect inputs was among my favorite applications.

A rendition of the card game War that was particularly susceptible to endless cycles and a queuing class that appeared to be made solely of index mistakes are just two examples of notoriously challenging programs that caused the learners to laugh in frustration. The sign-up sheet for assistance frequently overflowed as the curriculum got harder. As a result, after completing a program, I frequently assisted my friends in troubleshooting by identifying syntax mistakes and logical problems. I was picked to talk to program funders and colleagues alike on the subject I adored during the final week. That incredible month gave me a renewed love of learning and discovery as well as a career that combines creativity and rationality. Now, the thought of my no longer hazy future fills me with enthusiasm.

Sample Answer Two

In my academic career, the Girl Coder summer program was a turning point. I was chosen among other highly driven female students to learn computer science for two months cost-free. I was put in groups with different girls every day to work on projects together and make new acquaintances. We investigated such coding languages as Python, which is my favorite, CSS, and HTML. I discovered how to code robots to sing the newest hit tunes, create my website, and make games that my friends could play. I had a lot of questions because I was curious and wanted to get my code just right.

My team of four females created the most challenging project of the course in the program’s final fortnight. We created a smartphone application with a tracking mechanism to locate one’s belongings. Prioritizing and assigning particular tasks to each team member were done using a scrum board. I handled the application’s interface design and Google Maps integration. These duties occasionally seemed practically impossible due to the persistent bugs in my code. However, I eventually developed useful features for our software after conducting extensive web research and trying several alternative ideas. My team presented our idea to a group of fellow learners, enthusiasts, and professionals on the day of graduation. This proud moment was the result of many hours of coding and many late nights of conquering technical challenges.

My ability to take chances was enhanced during the development of our tracking app. I came to terms with the fact that sometimes starting over entirely is the best course of action. This experience has helped me to appreciate the virtues of patience and persistence in my programming work, scholastic work, and artistic endeavors. Girl Coder improved my capacity for idea realization and inspired my intended professional path.

Sample Answer Three

I got the opportunity to participate in a summer pre-college program in California after my ninth grade. I had never visited the U.S. before despite wanting to attend college there. Thus, this was a rare opportunity. I was born in Sweden and partly raised in Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and Thailand. However, there were a few openings in this program for foreign students, and I was chosen to enroll. For one month, the beneficiaries attended a college-level course. I decided to register for the course “Philosophy in Film and Literature.” Technology and scientific concepts were the main topics of my session.

In that one month, I read authors and philosophers, watched documentaries, and listened to songs by musicians I had never known. I discovered that art is how society communicates its worries about governance, the economy, and, for our class, technological innovations. My lecturer referred to it as a “nervous condition.” I had to persuade my guardians to let me spend the summer studying philosophy through films and books given that I was raised in a society where mathematics and sciences were valued more highly than the humanities. I was personally convinced that the decision had been right. In pop culture and the publications I read, I could now discern broad themes and meanings. Additionally, I previously struggled to incorporate my interest in subjects that other people considered to be abstract, such as theology, history, and philosophy. My California summer course taught me that concepts like philosophy and religion can be used to analyze history and pop culture, and serve as the basis for authoring books and producing movies. In college, I want to carry on with my interdisciplinary studies with the potential of becoming a professor. The summer program I attended marked the start of this reasonably.

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