Describe your favorite academic subject and explain how it has influenced you

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Describe your favorite academic subject and explain how it has influenced you

Sample Answer One

The preparation for the yearly “Learning on the Move” event stands out as one of my favorite memories from elementary school. Every year, the fourth graders performed this play, concentrating on a different subject. The subject of our show was choosing healthy foods. The groups we could join were music, writing, stage design, and dance. I picked music because my closest mate had chosen it and not because it was my best hobby.

The music director once asked us what we thought various cuisines might sound like as he displayed a lengthy array of different musical instruments to us. Although I had some prior experience playing an instrument, I had no formal training in the creation of music or in determining the purpose and significance of the music. Of course, picking a güiro to stand in for scrambled eggs was not the best musical decision one could make. That notwithstanding, it was a start. 

I started playing the cello in the orchestra while I was in middle school. I tried out for and was admitted into the local youth symphony in my freshman high school year. But more significantly, I studied music theory for two semesters during my second year. I enjoy performing music, but I have come to realize that I enjoy making music even more. I went to an outdoor music camp in the summer to sharpen my music composition skills because at school, I only learned about Music Theory I and II. I gained a lot of knowledge, and I am eager to pursue a music composition major.

I have discovered that creating music gives me a method to communicate feelings and convey tales that transcend language. It is amazing how music can bring people together and bridge cultural and geographic barriers. Since my fourth grade onward, music has played a significant role in my life, and training in music composition allows me to craft beautiful things and share them with other people.

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Sample Answer Two

I previously believed that if I crammed the entire Advanced Placement (AP) Biology book word for word, I would comprehend the material and pass the class. It is noteworthy that the primary goal of science relates to the pursuit of advancement through the confirmation and refuting of hypotheses. I made my hypothesis internally, tested it, and knew right away that it was flawed. I changed the variables because I was not going to give up. I committed the textbook to memory and revised it more frequently. Unfortunately, the outcomes remained the same. I finally came to the painful conclusion that tweaking the parameters would not result in any significant changes. I would have to change the way I studied.

I stopped memorization and started comprehending what I heard and read. I became aware of the value of deep as opposed to surface comprehension thanks to the AP Biology class. One cannot merely spout off what one reads; they have to be one with what one learns. I learned about the beauty of having the willingness to go above and beyond in this class. After all, it is the contemplative birds flying high and rising to the occasion rather than stubborn parrots that never question what they see that make scientific discoveries.

Science is not as straightforward as an “If/then” proposition. Science’s ability to take me into the regions of limitless possibilities and its complexity gave me a sense of freedom. I no longer rely on knowledge being spoon-fed to me; instead, I look for concepts and solutions on my own. I was inspired to sign up for a biotechnology camp during the summer by my inquiring eagerness, interest, and receptivity to understanding biology. This camp enabled me to discover and acknowledge my propensity for biology, concluding that I would devote the remainder of my scholastic career to the study of science.

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Sample Answer Three

I remember reading a post on how IKEA psychologically manipulates customers’ minds to make them buy more when I was an eighth grader. My initial response was awe. How could a commonplace factor like location persuade consumers to purchase Swedish meatballs and trinkets? “What more psychological magic has been thrown upon me,” I wondered. I quickly navigated into the psychology world via Google.

With the help of the Internet and my voracious enthusiasm, I inadvertently got into psychology. My homepage on YouTube was dominated by videos on psychology. When I saw that my confirmation bias had distorted the facts, I frequently changed my opinion on a subject. I gained knowledge of social loafing and helping behavior and how these two factors may impact a person’s effectiveness in a group situation.

I took Brown’s social psychology program during the summer between my first and second years in school. I discovered how the unpleasant societal issues we face today are caused by a confluence of the scapegoat theory, the observer effect, the just-world fallacy, and informational peer acceptance. My final thesis, which examined how media portrayals of HIV/AIDS impacted certain demographics and general perceptions, showed me that the general perceptions of any category of individuals are swayed by the errors and biases of the human psyche. Understanding how the brain interprets reality is necessary to grasp a group’s genuine nature.

In my junior year, I came across several open online psychology courses. With unbridled enthusiasm, I devoured the lessons and presentations, trying to learn as much as I could. If the mind and brain are similar, what is the explanation of why the mind’s perception of sensory experiences and intramental states is different? I pondered this question as I questioned the existence of a free will. Doesn’t it indicate that any conduct is just a response to stimuli if the mind is genuinely solely physical and subject to the rules of physics? I feel like all that I learn about psychology applies to real life. Many contemporary issues can be addressed by psychology. I am going to apply psychology to try to solve some of these issues.

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