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Why I Want to Be a Nurse Essay

Nursing schools try to scrutinize the students they are admitting to their institutions. In most cases, they want to have students who have a passion for the course. So, they ask for candidates to prove that they are worth the mettle. Sometimes, they require those interested in taking the course to state why exactly they love that career. Topics like ‘Why Do you Want to Become a Nurse’ are common gateways for admission into such institutions. They help get the best candidates as there are usually too many applications to consider. Students joining nursing/ healthcare programs should consider taking our free ATI TEAS 7 practice tests to help them prepare for the TEAS exam.

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When you are writing this essay you need to, understand the college application essays dos and don’ts and to express your passion for helping people. Again, you should keep in mind that there are probably thousands other applicants who seek to get a spot in the same school as you. Thus, you should try as much as you can to impress the evaluators and convince them that you’ve got the potential to be the nurse that the world needs. We hope our tutorial will help you write the best application essay.

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What to include in a Nursing School Essay

  • Reasons why you’ve chosen the program
  • Previous engagements that either inspired or prepared you to become a good nurse
  • Your academic interests
  • What fascinates you about nursing?
  • Why the evaluators should consider your application
  • Your character that would make you a successful nurse
  • Your motivation to become a nurse

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Tips on How to write a good Nursing School Application Essay

  • Choose the content prudently. Paint a clear picture of your accomplishment in order to impress the evaluators
  • Have a strong topic, and stick to it by providing supportive material in your paragraphs
  • Be precise and informative. Avoid fluff or anything that can bore the readers
  • Use a capturing introduction to make your readers love reading the article
  • Focus on the positive issues- it’s not a platform to bash on anyone
  • If you’ve had low GPA, or you dropped out from your first nursing school, give a story that proves you did so to help someone e.g. aging or sick parents
  • Adhere to the guidelines. Ensure that the essay is within the given number of words, font and spacing. Most essays are 400-500 words long.

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Why I Want to Be a Nurse: Example A

I’ve researched several dictionaries for the word ‘nurse’, and I must admit that they disappoint me. They believe it’s a professional who takes care of sick people. However, that sounds impersonal and simple and does not fully describe the work a nurse does. I believe there is more to being a nurse than just “taking care of sick people.” As the adage goes “nurses are people whose need to understand supersedes the need to be understood.”  I believe it’s the nursing profession that holds the world, literally. People who have saved lives on given circumstances are regarded as heroes. However, only nurses save lives every day. I believe it takes determination, self-will, and passion to achieve this status, and in summary, that’s why I want to be a nurse.

So, am I possibly motivated by the money? Well, sometimes, it is easy to be attracted to the salaries that those who work in the medical field get. But again, as we may all know, nurses don’t get much. It’s a decision that I’ve made; that I’d rather have a fulfilling career than have money without one. A good nurse is a person who meets penniless people who need medical attention and helps them without much regard to what they have in their accounts. Saving lives comes first especially because money can be quantified and made, but life cannot.

I’m the kind of a person that gets a heartache when I see people suffering. I want to help. And, I want to be part of the people who help people live a pain-free life. In school, I always loved to be the first to attend to kids who experienced nose-bleeding. It’s probably why I belonged to both the Scouts and St John’s Ambulance associations. I felt within me an urge to give a hand to everyone who needed it. I did not have enough skills, though. In spite of that, I mastered the little we’d been taught about first aid and I always put it to action. It’s one of the ways I came to know that nursing was what I wanted for a career.

The feeling of helping needy people doesn’t end with the sick. Whenever I walk down the street, I often see people begging for pennies so that they can provide for their families. Well, I don’t really think they are acting on their own will. In fact, most of those beggars and homeless people do what they do for the sake of their families and children. This leaves me helpless. I want to help them attain a stable life, and help them directly. That’s why I will do anything in my power to help a person in need, even if he or she is a complete stranger.

Life for me hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to grow up with my grandparents. They didn’t have much money and I always wanted to be able to provide for them one day. With time, I’ve learnt to love and take care of the elderly. The good thing about such experiences is that they equipped me with striking character traits that point towards the nursing profession. I am an understanding, empathetic, and confident diplomatic quick learner with great communicative skills. I know I will need these skills as a nurse. However, to be able to take this path, all I need is excellent education to become who I was meant to be.

Why I Want to Be a Nurse: Example B

After I got my examination results, and I told my parents that I wanted to be a nurse, they had mixed feelings. Yes, they always knew I wanted to help people, study hard, and work in the medical field. However, the fact I had chosen nursing and not anything else despite my high GPA was not wholly welcome for them. Fortunately, my aunt, who is a retired nurse, was able to convince them to let me pursue my passion. So, why have I always wanted to be a nurse?

Well, my life, character, mindset, and motivation have always been in this profession. I’m a person who loves to help people in pain to recover. It’s been so much in me that when I was a kid, I could ‘nurse’ my dog Tommy for the whole day. I didn’t know that I was subconsciously practicing for a path that I’d pursue for the rest of my life.

I believe that nursing is a calling, and that I’m one of the chosen. As a kid, I liked how concerned my aunt was about us. I was fond of her and she could always pick me to visit my grandparents in the weekends. It was not only fun, but also a chance to attend to them. It gave me great joy to see them happy and I knew I was already in love with helping the elderly, children, the sick, and the needy. In the process, I learnt that people in need aren’t always far from us. They are also not always in the hospital. They are right where we are and I should help them.

So, when I went to school, I took biological courses with great passion. I wanted to learn how the human body works and how illness occur. Off studies, I loved to be the person offering first aid to pupils who were injured. In fact, I had become so popular in this that kids first called me before we reported to the school nurse. It gave me great admiration to see how the nurse attended to the kids. Every day, I knew I wanted to become a nurse and be like him.

Every time I hear about a voluntary medical mission, I want to be part of it. I believe that a fulfilling career should have little to do with the money or remunerations offered and much with providing services. In life, I’ve learnt that happiness is everything, and that life is too short to count all the pennies in the world! To me, life is priceless because no amount of money can purchase the life of a human being. This has taught me to disregard the wealth of individuals in the face of saving life. I want to be the nurse that attends to people without even giving a thought to what I am going to get in return.

My personal attributes, inspirations, and character all point towards nursing. I’m a dedicated, loving, listening, understanding, concerned, and empathetic quick learner. It’s my strong belief that these traits set me a notch higher towards achieving my life goal of becoming a nurse. It’s my hope that I’ll get the chance to receive the esteemed education needed to do this.

Why I Want to Be a Nurse: Example C

My passion to become a nurse started in my childhood when I watched my mother work as a nurse. She built good relationships with her patients and she did all that she could in order to ensure they felt comfortable. This informed my decision to choose nursing as a career because it will provide me with a challenging but rewarding work as well as stable work opportunities. I want to experience growth in my career and I am sure nursing will enable me to advance and specialize. This way, I will be able to continue challenging myself while providing the best possible care to my patients.

When I was in middle school, I got involved in a car accident which saw me spend a week as an inpatient in hospital. I watched with awe how the nurses were committed to offering attention and care to the patients, me included. Unlike the doctors who only appeared briefly during their daily rounds, the nurses were always there, ensuring that I was comfortable and on the right path to recovery. They made less scary and a little easier a situation that would have otherwise been a difficult one. I realized just how much nurses mean to their patients. From thence, I decided that I would also become a nurse and make a difference for my patients by helping them through the difficult period of illness.

My decision to become a nurse was also informed by my desire to learn new things. As a nurse, I will have to keep challenging myself to keep abreast with medical training and trends. This will ensure that I continue to care for my patients in the best possible manner. In my everyday practice in my workplace, I will learn at least something new from both my patients and colleagues. This will inspire me to continue exploring deeper knowledge of the procedures and techniques I apply on a daily basis. I thus consider nursing a rich field for personal learning and development.

As I moved through my high school education, I realized that I possess some of the qualities that are needed for nursing. For example, I established that I am a good communicator who is both good at listening and providing feedback. I realized this during group and class discussions during which I would lead discussions and respond to various questions from my fellow students satisfactorily. I believe a good nurse should be able to communicate effectively with their patients and explain things to them clearly both in a nontechnical and technical way.  

Further, I am a team worker. I would be no different from a square peg in a round hole if I found myself working in a profession where there is little or no teamwork. I particularly embrace working in a team because just like any other person, I can never be perfect in terms of skills and abilities. I will definitely need someone to complement my shortcomings and inadequacies in performing my job tasks. I thus further want to become a nurse so I may thrive in the teamwork aspect of a nursing environment. I will highly be satisfied working with fellow healthcare professionals, including doctors and fellow nurses, in providing my patients with the best care possible.

Finally, I have always wanted to pursue a fulfilling career and I believe nursing is one of them. By caring for people during their time of need on sickbeds, I will be able to get a gratifying feeling. I will be fulfilled knowing that I will be doing something great for humanity while also developing myself in the process. Service to humanity is service to God and sickness is one of the times that people need help the most. Therefore, becoming a nurse would be to live the dream of my life.

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