How to Write a Last Minute Essay

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How to Write a Last-Minute Essay

Ok, you woke up in the morning, only to realize that it’s already 8 am and you still haven’t written your last-minute essay. You’ll freak out if you don’t finish that essay by the end of the day because you’ll have to wait until next semester. Well, it’s time for one last-minute essay writing aid: a run-on paragraph! There’s no need to panic! Many websites are out there to help you get the job done.

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This blog post aims to educate students on how to write a last-minute essay. Read on to get more about this!

7 Last Minute Essay Tips 

Here are six tips to help you reduce the panic and write your essay on time. 

1. Keep off from distractions

Any distraction will likely creep in when you’re writing an essay, including Facebook notifications, Instagram likes, calls from your closest pals, etc. A last-minute essay requires far more concentration than one written over the week.

Distracted writing can lead to a poorly written essay with several spelling, punctuation, and other writing errors. To avoid getting distracted, turn off your mobile phone and close all your social media accounts.

2. Read the assignment carefully

Before writing, look through the assignment carefully to ensure you know what’s expected. It’s easy to get lost and end up with a poorly written essay. Once you’ve taken your time to read the assignment, write down your thoughts in an open-ended narrative style that allows for changes and additions later on.

3. Work on your outline

Messy outlines and disorganized paragraphs can result in a messy essay. Take time to prepare an outline of your essay that you can fill in later. Outlines allow you to organize the flow of information and make writing much easier. The outline can also be useful once you’ve finished the essay, as it allows you to re-read what you have written and quickly correct errors or improve on certain areas. Ensure that your conclusion gives a sense of closure and completion to your argument,

4. Increase your typing speed

If you write slowly, it won’t be simple to complete your essay quickly. You must sharpen your typing skills to complete your essay as quickly as possible.

How can your typing speed be increased? Maintain a straight posture and an erect sitting position while typing (ensure you are not looking at your screen at an angle). Place your elbows on the table and lift your wrists just a little.

Concentrate on the screen rather than your hands while you type. You will type more quickly this way. 

5. Use writing and editing tools

There are several writing software and text editing tools out there that can save you time when writing. For instance, Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, Evernote, and Microsoft Word can all be used to help ensure that you have no grammar or spelling errors in your essay. These tools can also help you save time by identifying the areas which need the most improvement.

6. Cite references and proofread

References and citations cannot be added to your essay later because they are an integral part. Instead, cite references as you write so you can proofread them later. Work with the inbuilt tools in Microsoft Word to insert citations and references into your work.

Proofreading is the easiest way to ensure you don’t make any mistakes or miss out on any information when writing a last-minute essay.

7. Get professional help

Your last-minute essay will never be perfect if you’re still in a state of panic and rushing to complete it on time. If you ask us, “can you write my essay in 1 hour”, be sure to get an awesome paper at a reasonable price from our professionals and eliminate your last-minute essay stress and ensure it’s a great grade. 

Why Students Rush With Essays at the Last Minute

There are several reasons students are stressed when it comes to writing last-minute essays. They include:

1. Procrastination

Some individuals put off writing their college essays until the very last minute because they have jobs or other commitments. They don’t just want to complete a task because they see it as useless or irrelevant. Additionally, a student might put off doing an assignment because of the pressure of deadlines. Lack of motivation to begin an essay early, unclear assignment instructions, a lack of writing abilities, and a lack of motivation all contribute to apathy to completing a writing project.

2. Stress

A student might experience stress due to a hectic schedule. She simply doesn’t have time to do an assignment but doesn’t want to waste the opportunity to turn it in. The situation might also stress a student because of the stress it creates. The student might feel stressed by lack of time, certain obligations that need immediate attention, and general feelings of uncertainty which could make a project seem like more effort than it’s worth.

3. Work

Some students have jobs that take up a lot of their time. They might even have several other commitments to deal with as well, such as being a member of a club or working on an extracurricular activity. Job responsibilities, engagements, family issues, and other obligations could distract a student from writing an essay on time.

4. Time limit

An individual might be given a specific time limit to write an essay. Sometimes, students have to write within a time frame in which they cannot complete the work. This pressure can cause stress and make writing an essay seem impossible.

Examples of reflective essay topics that will give you ideas that will help you write a quality essay in time.

Rushing through an essay might seem preferable when experiencing last-minute essay stress, but it’s not worth the hassle. Your hard work will be worthless if you don’t take the time to put in the effort and create a well-written essay. Rather than rushing to submit a paper before the deadline, contact our writing service and ask for help with your last-minute essay.

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