Lab #2 Assessment Worksheet – What is the primary tool that Windows Server

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Lab #2 – Assessment Worksheet

1. What is the primary tool that Windows Server administrators use to create and manage user accounts?

Answer; Microsoft Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) tool is primary tool used by windows administrators for creating and managing user accounts.

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2. What are the two default accounts that appear on a Windows Server system and when these get created? How do they differ?

Answer; Two default accounts created when a new domain is created on a windows server.

1. Administrator : This account is powerful and has full previleges over domain

2. Guest : This account has very low level access and used for limited and visitor access

3. Why is a strong password policy so important?

Answer; Strong password policy is essential for security. If strong password policy is not implemented, it provides unauthorized access to the network, sensitive documents, accounting files, and also code. Strong password policy prevents this unauthorized access and deters security breaches.

4. Which option should be set each time a new user account is created?

Answer; User must change password at next login option should be set for new user account.

5. Why is it important to be careful when changing the Organizational Unit membership of an account; what might happen?

Answer; Changing Organizational units membership for a account changes the user rights and access policies . It is important about changing OU because user may get high privilege access than intended or will loose access rights to required

6. What underlying database does Microsoft use that enables Active Directory to use a directory tree structure?

Answer; Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is the underlying database format used by Microsoft for Active Directory(AD) implementation.

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