UOF ARC1720 Quiz 3 Module 6-8

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Quiz 3_ Module 6-8

1.According to Professor Kara’s lecture on Islamic architecture, the interior ornamentation in mosques is generally

Answer: highly abstract and geometric

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2.According to Professor Kara’s lecture on Islamic architecture, the Great Mosque at Cordoba incorporates an open courtyard with a domed fountain primarily for

Answer: The ritual of cleansing before prayers

b. Social interaction

3.The tomb for Mumtaz Mahal was placed near the ______________ at the Taj Mahal.

Answer: River

4.The conceptual prototype for the mosque most commonly consisted of columned prayer halls, an open court and

Answer: at least one minaret

5.The Carolingian church of St. Gall was important because

Answer: it established a model that would be used for the next 400 years in monastic design

6.Early Medieval and Romanesque architecture had very few windows because

Answer: builders were afraid it would challenge the integrity of the structure

7.According to Professor Tilson’s lecture on Medieval and Romanesque architecture, the

Answer: to add wide aisles along the outermost sides of the church

to add an ambulatory behind the alter

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