Liberty BIBL 104 Quiz 3 – (Version 1 to 4)

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BIBL 104 Quiz 3 / Liberty University BIBL 104 Quiz 31

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1.The list of individuals who composed material in the Psalms includes Solomon.

Answer: True

2. Job is convinced that if he could only have the opportunity to present his case to God, then God would realize he is judging the wrong man, and Job would be proclaimed innocent.

Answer: True

3. According to our textbook, _________________ is one of the more popular topics in the book of Proverbs.

Answer: wealth and poverty

4. While the time of writing for the book of Job is uncertain, internal evidence points to a time before the Mosaic law.

Answer: True

6. _______________ often teach practical lessons about everyday living.

Answer:  Wisdom Psalms

7. In a general sense the proverbs can be grouped into two major forms. One of these forms is

Answer: instructive discourses 

8. The focus of the Proverbs is heavenly rather than earthly.

Answer: False

9. Job accuses God of prejudice and curses the day of his birth.

Answer: False

10. “The one who conceals hatred has lying lips, and whoever spreads slander is a fool.” (Prov. 10:18) is an example of

11. According to our textbook, the _____________________ is a reoccurring theme or motif found throughout the book of Ecclesiastes.

Answer: Sovereignty of God

12.The ____________________ are expressions of trust in the Lord and praise to the Lord for the security He provides to those who trust in Him.

Answer: Psalms of Confidence

13. In his response to Job, God appeals to creation as a demonstration of his unfathomable wisdom.

Answer: True

14. Job’s responds to God in faith knowing it is enough that God is in control.

Answer: True

15. ______________ predictively refer to Christ, the anointed messianic King.

Answer: Messianic Psalms

16. The Hebrew word hevel, literally means

Answer: vapor” or “mist

17. “Good news from a distant land is like cold water to a parched throat.” (Prov. 25:25) is an example of

Answer: Comparative parallelism

18. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6). This wisdom holds true as a general rule, not an absolute promise.

Answer: True

19. According to our textbook, _____________________ is a reoccurring theme or motif found throughout the book of Ecclesiastes.

Answer: Enjoyment of Life

20. The __________ focus on the Lord’s kingdom rule over His creation.

Answer: Kingship Psalms.

21. According to our textbook, many church fathers viewed the Song of Songs typologically as a picture of Christ’s love for His bride, the church.

Answer: True

22. The phrase “of Solomon” in the Hebrew title of the Song of Songs calls into question whether this was a song “by Solomon,” “about Solomon,” or “for Solomon.”

Answer: True

23. Most English Bibles translate “Qohelet” as

Answer:  “teacher” or “preacher

24. Proverbs are written in such a simple way that they produce reflection within the mind of the reader.

Answer: True

25. In the book of Job the Lord presents his servant Job as a model of righteousness before Satan.

26. The title “Song of Songs” can literally be translated from the Hebrew “The Greatest Song of Solomon.”

Answer: True

27. The book of Job concludes with God prospering Job once again and blessing him with twice the wealth.

Answer: True

28. The list of individuals who composed material in the Psalms includes Saul.

Answer: False

29. The psalms are divided into _____________ books.

Answer: Five

30. The list of individuals who composed material in the Psalms includes David.

Answer: True

31. The ______________ are songs of praise the people sang as they made pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

Answer:Psalms of ascent

32. Most proverbs take the form of a four-line unit, with the first line corresponding to the fourth line and the second line corresponding to the third line This correspondence is through some form of parallelism.

Answer: False

33. According to our textbook, the expression “_______________” refers to the activities of man as observed and experienced from a human perspective.

Answer:  life under the sun.

34._________ are prayers expressing thanks to God for specific answers to prayer or for deliverance from danger.

Answer: Thanksgiving Psalms

35. A proverb is a short poetic sentence conveying wisdom in a concise and memorable form.

Answer: True

36. Proverbs contains a balanced view of wealth and poverty.

Answer: True

37. In Proverbs child-rearing is a family affair but discipline begins with the individual.

Answer: False

38. According to our textbook, allegorical interpretations of the Song of Songs are correct since they are based on careful exegesis of the text in the Song of Songs.

Answer: False

39. Historically, the most common method used in interpreting the Song of Songs was to treat the Song as an allegory of God’s love for Israel.

Answer: True

40. According to our textbook, Job’s three friends are commended for their companionship but are condemned for their false accusations and misguided theology.

Answer: False

41. The _____________ are prayers of extreme emotion and anger calling on God to bring severe judgment on the enemies of God and the psalmist.

Answer: Imprecatory Psalms.

42. Proverbs concentrates primarily on practical issues rather than focusing on theological issues.

Answer: True

43. In response to his friends’ advice, Job admits that he is a sinner but that his sins are not categorically vile. Job asserts that he may have committed mortal sins but he certainly did not commit venial ones.

Answer: False

44. In the __________________, the psalmist confesses his sin and prays for the Lord’s forgiveness and restoration.

Answer: Penitential Psalms

45. The book of Proverbs consistently presents the sluggard as a fool and the diligent person as wise.

Answer: True

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