Research Topics in Kinesiology

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Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement and how they impact our health and well-being. Students are taught how to combine an integrated approach with Biomechanics, psychology, and anatomy principles to aid repair or increase the patient’s physical mobility. Kinesiology application to human health includes various areas such as fitness, sport psychology, motor control, and health (body and mind).

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However, your grades in kinesiology research depend on your chosen topic. Your supervisor needs to read a thesis that interests them. The right topic will impress your professors and give you better results.

What Should you Write about in your Kinesiology Paper?

As an interdisciplinary field of study, Kinesiology has different areas you can write on. Gudwriter is here to guide you on what you should write about.

You should remember that Kinesiology is mainly used in rehabilitation after surgery or injury. The research focuses on using motion tracking, exercise, sports, and electrophysiology to help adults and children achieve their daily state of movement.

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Your kinesiology research paper should examine physical activity’s negative and positive effects on human life. If you are not sure about the kind of topics you should write about, here is the list of topics you can choose from;

Interesting Kinesiology Topics

Kinesiology students can focus on different topics in their papers. They can write a thesis about exercise science, kinesiology, physical therapy, or fitness and nutrition. Some of the exciting topics include:

  • Why are some people more flexible than others? Can we develop our flexibility through exercise?
  • Facial Expressions and how we control them
  • Can exercise influence your nervous system?
  • Muscles. How to make them grow.
  • How can you maintain your balance all the time? What is the relationship between your skeleton, muscles, and balance?
  • Therapeutic exercise. Different conditions that therapeutic exercise can heal.
  • How many muscles do you use for simple movement?
  • The bone development. How many bones an adult has? How about a baby?
  • How many types of bones do humans have?
  • Types of muscle

Controversial Topics in Kinesiology

There are many opposing philosophies and controversies related to kinesiology topics. What works? Who is right? There are many daggling questions on topics you can write that will make you look like someone well-informed on kinesiology. Here are some of the issues:

  • How many grams of carbohydrates do you need?
  • Sleep disorders due to physical exercise
  • What makes a healthy diet?
  • Do your muscles grow bigger with heavier resistance than with lighter resistance? What development do you achieve from different types of resistance?
  • To stretch or not to stretch. What do you do before and after your workouts?
  • What is Kinesiology, and what does it do?
  • Is running a bad or a good way to get fit?
  • Low or high intensity: How is this applied to the goals of endurance and strength?
  • Is it about calories in versus calories out in the weight gain, weight loss, and maintenance, or does it depend on how micronutrients are metabolized?
  • Should you lift fast or slow? What amount of resistance, and how do you measure it?
  • Resistance band training: Should you do it or avoid it?
  • The role of kinesiology in biometrics

Anatomical Kinesiology Topics

Anatomy kinesiology focuses on understanding body structures and their parts. It is a broad discipline divided into different topics. Anatomy Kinesiology topics help students with concise and comprehensive information for understanding and connecting anatomy that facilitates body movement. The topics include:

  • The composition of bone
  • Exercise physiology. How does a physiological response to different exercises influence your life?
  • Rehabilitation after injuries
  • The role of the skeleton
  • Muscle contraction
  • Muscle rapture
  • Healing fractures
  • Body segment and masses
  • Biomechanics of the hip
  • Overview of the upper extremity
  • Force and vectors

Current Kinesiology Topics

If you are looking for current kinesiology topics, you are at the right place. There are a lot of current issues that you can research. They include:

  • Prevent workplace accidents
  • Motor redundancy principle
  • The best application of kinesiology
  • Reasons to avoid physical exercise
  • Detailed examination of the neuroplasticity principle
  • Walking down the hill versus walking up
  • How does alcohol affect physical exercise?
  • Health nutrition for athletes
  • Can exercise physiology cure diabetes?
  • Comparison between anaerobic and aerobic physical exercise
  • The ability of the body to adapt to challenging physical activities

Popular Research Topics in Kinesiology

A quality kinesiology topic will ensure you excel in your academics. If you are looking for popular research topics, here are some of the followings.

  • Effects of physical exercises on the nervous system
  • Advantages and disadvantages of sports supplements
  • Exercise that reduces depression
  • Physical signs that you are fighting stress
  • Physical exercise for autistic children
  • Biometric of the heap
  • Importance of daily exercise
  • Ways to grow your muscle
  • The biometrics of lifting exercises
  • How does muscle contraction work
  • Is it dangerous to eat a weight-loss diet?

Sports-Related Kinesiology Topics

If you want to talk about sports and health benefits, there is a long list of sport-related kinesiology topics. Here are some of the outstanding issues you can write about:

  • How to monitor the offset of fatigue
  • A detailed analysis of the hydration testing
  • Bio-banding process
  • Differences between chronological, biological, and technical age
  • Running as a form of fitness
  • Safety standards in the fitness industry
  • Detailed compound exercises for weight loss
  • Best exercises for your legs
  • Muscle growth after exercise
  • Importance of wearable in sport science

Dance Kinesiology Research Topics

It is fascinating to write about dance kinesiology. But sometimes, it can be challenging to pick topics in this field. Here are some of the topics you can choose:

  • Can exercise affect your nervous system
  • Physical exercise against cancer
  • The best chest exercises
  • Boosting the immune system through dancing
  • Does dancing prevent diabetes?
  • Muscles involved in dancing
  • Adverse effects of intense dancing
  • How does dancing affect the neurons
  • The health benefits of dancing
  • Effects of dancing on depression

Pediatric Kinesiology Research Topics

Pediatric kinesiology helps you with natural therapy to assist your children in staying healthy and in balance. It is ideal for babies and teenagers of all ages and can supplement any other treatment the child receives. Some of the research topics related to pediatric kinesiology include:

  • Relationship between physical activity and obesity in children in California
  • Posture control in children: Do the legs lend a helping hand to the arms?
  • Mechanical efficiency at various exercise intensities among the children
  • How to increase sport and motor competence among children
  • Confusion and growth in the growth of youth aerobic fitness
  • The suitability of using bioelectrical impedance analysis to assess health status and youth weight
  • The negative effect of intense physical activity on kids
  • Ways in which situational factors and disposition factors initiate physical activity motion
  • How do children’s physical activities track later in their adult life?
  • How can physical exercise help children sustain and develop their mental well-being?

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