Walden NURS 6501 Week 3 Quiz – A 65-year-old male recently suffered a cerebra

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NURS 6501 Week 3 Quiz (2018): Advanced Pathophysiology -Walden University

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1. A 65-year-old male recently suffered a cerebral vascular accident. He is now unable to recognize and identify objects by touch because of injury to the sensory cortex. How should the nurse document this finding?

Answer: Agnosia.

2. A 15-year-old male is brought to the ER for treatment of injuries received in a motor vehicle accident. An MRI reveals spinal cord injury, and his body temperature fluctuates markedly. The most accurate explanation of this phenomenon is that:

Answer: His sympathetic nervous system has been damaged and thermal control disturbed.

3. A 60-year-old female with a recent history of head trauma and a long-term history of hypertension presents to the ER for changes in mental status. MRI reveals that she had a hemorrhagic stroke. What does the nurse suspect caused this type of stroke?

Answer:  Aneurysm

5. A nurse should document on the chart that chronic pain is occurring when the patient reports the pain has lasted longer than:

Answer: Chronic or persistent pain has been defined as lasting for more than 3-6 months.

6. A 40-year-old male complains of uncontrolled excessive movement and progressive dysfunction of intellectual and thought processes. He is experiencing movement problems that begin in the face and arms that eventually affect the entire body. The most likely diagnosis is:

Answer: Huntington disease

6. A patient has memory loss of events that occurred before a head injury. What cognitive disorder does the nurse suspect the patient is experiencing?

Answer: concussions

7. Parents of a 3-month-old infant bring him to the emergency room (ER) after he has had a seizure. He has muscle rigidity, and the parents report they are of Jewish ancestry. For what genetic disease should this infant be screened?

Answer: ay-Sachs disease

8. When a patient has a fever, which of the following thermoregulator mechanisms is activated?

Answer:  The body’s thermostat is reset to a higher level.

9. A 50-year-old male suffers a severe head injury when his motorcycle hits a tree. His breathing becomes deep and rapid but with normal pattern. What term should the nurse use for this condition?

Answer: Central neurogenic hyperventilation

10. A 20-year-old male was at the supermarket when he fell to the ground. Bystanders reported that he lost consciousness and his body tensed up then relaxed, then tensed and relaxed several times. He most likely was experiencing a(n):

Answer: Brainstem

11. A teenage boy sustains a severe closed head injury following an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident. He is in a state of deep sleep that requires vigorous stimulation to elicit eye opening. How should the nurse document this in the chart?

Answer: Stupor

12. A 15-month-old child from Pennsylvania was brought to the ER for fever, seizure activity, cranial palsies, and paralysis. Which of the following diagnosis will be documented in the chart?

Answer: Eastern equine encephalitis.

13. A 33-year-old male is brought to the ER for treatment of injuries received in a motor vehicle accident. An MRI reveals an injury of the cervical cord. Cord swelling in this region may be life threatening because:

Answer: Diaphragm function may be impaired.

14. A 72-year-old male demonstrates left-sided weakness of upper and lower extremities. The symptoms lasted 24 hours and resolve with no evidence of infarction. The patient most likely experienced a(n):

Answer: transient ischemic attack

15. Which finding indicates the patient is having complications from heat stroke?

Answer: Cerebral edema and degeneration of the CNS

16. A 20-year-old male was brought to the emergency room (ER) for severe burns. He requested something for the excruciating pain he was experiencing. Blocking which of the following neurotransmitters would reduce his pain?

Answer: Substance P

17. A nurse thinks a patient may be experiencing dementia. Which assessment finding will most help support this diagnosis?

Answer: Loss of recent and remote memory

18. An initial assessment finding associated with acute spinal cord injury is _____ the injury.

Answer:  Loss of voluntary control below

19. The nursing student would correctly identify the most common symptom of brain abscess as:

Answer: A headache

20. An older adult is admitted to the ER following a fall. The patient complains of pain in the back. The patient has a history of osteoporosis. The nurse would expect the patient’s injury and subsequent pain is most likely due to:

Answer:  spinal compression fracture

21. A 16-year-old male took a recreational drug that altered his level of arousal. Physical exam revealed a negative Babinski sign, equal and reactive pupils, and roving eye movements. Which of the following diagnosis will the nurse most likely see on the chart?

Answer: metabolically induced coma

22. A 20-year-old male suffers a severe closed head injury in a motor vehicle accident. He remains in a vegetative state (VS) 1 month after the accident. Which of the following structures is most likely keeping the patient alive?


23. A 23-year-old female begins having problems with tiredness, weakness, and visual changes. Her diagnosis is multiple sclerosis (MS). What is occurring in the patient’s body?

Answer: Demyelination of nerve fibers in the CNS

24. A 69-year-old male with a history of alcohol abuse presents to the emergency room (ER) after a month-long episode of headaches and confusion. Based on his alcoholism, a likely cause of his neurologic symptoms is:

Answer: Chronic subdural hematoma

25. When planning care for a child in pain, which principle should the nurse remember? The pain threshold in children is _____ that of adults.

Answer: The pain threshold in children is lower than or the same as that of adults.

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