Explanatory Essay Topics

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Explanatory essay topics

What is an Explanatory Essay?

Also known as expository essay. It is a type of writing where the author offers their perspective on a certain subject, circumstance, or incident. Although the writer does not need to necessarily agree with this point of view, it must be supported by evidence and reasoning to be plausible and convincing. The author’s motive for writing is to provide the reader with a certain degree of knowledge about a certain subject. Now that you know how to write an explanatory essay, which kind of topics should you go for?

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Read on to know more about the best topics you can choose for your explanatory essay. In case you are stuck selecting a suitable topic, you can seek help from an English assignment help service like Gudwriter that has professional writers who will help craft a quality explanatory essay based on the topic chosen.

College-Level Explanatory Essay Topics

College explanatory essays can be based on personal experiences, real-world events, or on scholarly research. etc. The college explanatory essay topics below are only a few samples of the wide range of topics to choose from.

  • Personal Experience                                                          

Personal experience essays tend to be the most personal and vivid, often displaying intimate details about the writer’s personal life. They may also include personal thoughts about a certain event or circumstance. For example:

1. Define the meaning of true friendship according to you.

2. What is your idea about the phenomenon of bullying?

3. Describe your worst experience in a foreign country.

4. What have you done to reverse the changes from global warming?

5. Describe a time when members of society ostracized you.

6. Discuss how online dating has changed the way men and women choose their life partners.

7. What can be done to reduce terrorism? 

  • Real-World Events

Events from real life can be used as essay topics as well. Events that have influenced the writer’s life, events that are relevant to today’s society, and events that concern the nation can all be used as essay topics. Example:

1. What do you think of the recent events concerning the Republican party?

2. If there was a referendum on gun control, would you vote yes or no? 

3. How does current immigration affect our economy? 

4. Discuss why sexual harassment is not just a man’s problem. 

  • Scholarly Research

Scholarly research essays usually begin with a question in mind but usually do not end with it. In other words, a scholarly research essay should not state the question or hypothesis and then provide a solution to that question. Scholarly research essays are normally hypothesis-driven, which means that the writer should have an idea of what they wish to prove or argue before writing the paper. Example:

1. What effects did the European Union have on Britain’s economy?

2. What are some of the possible causes of global warming?

3. How are US policies affecting the rest of the world?

4. What caused the fall of the Roman Empire?

5. What are the possible causes of terrorism?

Understand if you can use personal pronouns while writing an argumentative essay.

Business Explanatory Essay Topics

Business essays are normally written to persuade, convince, or inform a company’s decision-makers. They are generally based on either one of the following three types of business questions:

1. How can we improve our sales and profits?

2. How can we reduce costs and expenses?

3. How do you predict our competition will respond to X? 


1. What should our company do to attract more consumers? 

2. How can we improve our reputation?

3. How should we respond to increasing regulation?

4. How will new technology impact our business? 

5. How can we use social media for a better marketing strategy? 

6. How can we improve our service and customer satisfaction?

Politics Explanatory Essay Topics

Politics is a broad subject that contains many topics. In politics, some of the most common topics which can be used as essay topics are:

1. Discuss the legality and morality of capital punishment.

2. What have you learned from a recent political debate, if anything?

3. How can we make elections more exciting? 

4. Define what a fair tax system should be in your country.

5. Is it ethical to accept money for political campaigns?

6. What is the purpose of the United Nations? 

7. What can be done to secure democracy in the United Nations?

History Explanatory Essay Topics

History essays are used to prove a certain thesis. History essays can also be written to examine the historical evidence used by historians or political scientists. For example:

1. What was the biggest mistake made by Abraham Lincoln?

2. How did industry formation affect the arts, science, and technology? 

3. What was the influence of World War I on the United States? 

4. In your opinion, what was Hitler’s purpose in World War II?

5. How did World War II affect the world economy?

6. What were the consequences of the Great Depression?

7. If you could rewrite your favorite history book, what would you change? 

8. How did American democracy develop over time? 

9. Why do people care about the American Revolution nowadays? 

Internet and Technology Explanatory Essay Topics

Internet and technology essays are usually written to inform readers about what is happening in the Internet community. They should also offer some way to improve upon their own community or the Internet in general. For example:

1. How can we make the Internet more secure?

2. Are there risks when using social media? 

3. Should public figures be allowed to use Twitter? 

4. Should Twitter be regulated? 

5. Is the Internet harming our society?

6. What best way to make the Internet safer for children?

7. How can we use the Internet to improve education?

8. Has technology caused us to get more distracted from real-life problems? 

9. Do you agree with net neutrality, or is it just another form of government regulation?

10. Is Wikipedia an effective educational tool or a threat to public security? 

Explanatory Essay Topics Related to Science

Science essays are usually written to inform, advise, and persuade readers about how science functions. Science essays can also be written to examine the historical or scientific evidence used by scholars or political scientists. Examples:

1. What is the effect of global warming on our health and environment?

2. How does evolution work? 

3. Is cancer a genetic disease? 

4. How much energy should be used in the production of food? 

5. How does the female body change during pregnancy? 

6. How far has scientific technology progressed? 

7. What are some of the challenges we face regarding future technology?

8. Who is responsible for the consequences of cloning? 

9. Why do people choose to be vegetarians or vegans, and why will they continue to eat meat in the future? 

10. How do we prevent the spread of dangerous diseases? 

11. What is the significance of induced pluripotent stem cells? 

12. Should we be concerned about biological weapons created by terrorists? 

13. What is the environmental impact of a growing population? 

There are many essay topics for writers to choose from. No doubt about that. However, it is important to remember that choosing a less popular topic will often result in a better paper. After all, you will be the one writing it anyway. A good essay writer knows something about a certain topic and can prove it through an expository essay, thus helping readers make better decisions in their own lives.

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